Dual-Degree Information

Dual-Degree Offerings & Faculty Advisors

For more detailed information about the dual-degree programs, please view the Dual-Degree Programs folder on ASA’s Blackboard site, here. Note: If you are not already signed into Blackboard, this hyperlink will only direct you to the login page, and then the home screen of Blackboard. We suggest logging into Blackboard before clicking on Blackboard links.

Dual-Degree Checklist

Required Steps Before Starting a Dual-Degree Program

  1. Fill out the Dual-Degree Interest Form: https://nuslasa.wufoo.com/forms/form-1-dualdegree-interest-form/
    Students who enter NUSL already accepted into a dual-degree program do not have to complete the interest form but should follow all of the other steps.
  2. Meet with the Faculty Advisor assigned to your dual-degree program, either before or after filling out the Dual-Degree Interest Form.
  3. Apply to the dual-degree program, if you haven’t already.
  4. Fill out the Dual-Degree Certification Form: https://nuslasa.wufoo.com/forms/form-2-dualdegree-certification-form/
    If you have opted to no longer pursue a dual-degree, you do not need to submit this form. Please email Kendra Millay and your faculty advisor to let them know.
    DEADLINE: At least 1 full quarter before you leave NUSL or as soon as you are accepted into the program.
    This step is extremely important as it will trigger ASA to do the following for you:

    • Place you on a Leave of Absence from NUSL
    • Ensure you keep your access to NUSL Blackboard, husky email, and other student services (as appropriate)
    • Track your progress and set your pattern of attendance appropriately (which impacts your co-op rotation and financial aid)
  5. Meet with NUSL Financial Aid, even if you only have a scholarship and do not have loans.
    DEADLINE: At least 1 full quarter before you leave NUSL or as soon as you are accepted into the program.
  6. You will have to apply for financial aid at your new institution or college. If you are taking a dual-degree which is housed at Northeastern, you’ll have to apply for financial aid through that new college (example: D’Amore McKim School of Business for JD/MBA students). Any scholarships and/or financial aid awarded to you by NUSL does not carry over to other programs or colleges within NU, or other universities.
  7. Meet with the Co-op Office to let them know of your plans.

Required Steps After Finishing a Dual-Degree Program

  • If you did a dual-degree program at another university (Tufts, Brandeis, Vermont Law School), please have them send ASA a sealed, official transcript here:
    Northeastern School of Law
    Attn: ASA, 59 Cargill Hall
    416 Huntington Ave
    Boston, MA 02115

Academic & Student Affairs Dual-Degree Liaison

Kendra Millay (k.millay@northeastern.edu) will serve as the primary resource for all dual-degree logistics in ASA. Please contact her if you have questions about your transition back-and-forth between NUSL and your other degree program.