Upper Level Registration Information

Registration Information:

This page will be updated 2-3 weeks prior to registration with all of the pertinent information you need.

Registration Instructions

Please note the limited enrollment course registration process has changed!

Fall 2019 Registration Instructions

Detailed registration instructions can be found above, but here’s what you need to know for Fall 2019 registration:

  • Limited Enrollment: Monday, July 22nd 9 am– Tuesday, July 23rd 9 am
    • Do not go into myNortheastern to sign-up for a limited enrollment lottery list. Instead, you will use a new online form to indicate your limited enrollment preferences: Limited Enrollment Pre-Registration form.
      • The Limited Enrollment Pre-Registration form will be posted here on Monday (7/22) morning by 9 am.
      • You will have 24 hours to fill out the Limited Enrollment Pre-Registration from (7/22 at 9 am- 7/23 at 9 am)
      • No need to email us your preferences if two limited enrollment courses meet at the same time; the new form takes that into consideration.
      • If you fill out the Limited Enrollment Pre-Registration form more than once, ASA will use your most recent submission. Late forms submitted after 9 am on 7/23 will be disregarded.
      • With the exception of the Public Health Advocacy Clinic, which does not use an application process, clinic enrollment is by application only and will not be listed on the new Limited Enrollment Pre-Registration form.
      • Anyone who registers for any courses on the myNortheastern registration system (Banner) before Thursday, July 25th at 9 am will be dropped from their classes.
  • Registration on myNortheastern opens on Thursday, July 25th
    • Starting at 9 am on Thursday, July 25th, you can log onto myNortheastern and view which limited enrollment courses you got into, and which ones you got on the waitlist for.
    • Starting at 9 am on Thursday, July 25th, you can log onto myNortheastern to enroll in non-limited enrollment courses. If you missed the limited enrollment lottery sign-up period earlier in the week, you can add yourself into any limited enrollment courses with openings and/or add yourself to limited enrollment waitlists.
    • Students are encouraged to register for non-limited enrollment courses on Thursday in case large classes reach seat capacity.

Click here to find the Registrar’s website with screenshots and video tutorials on how to navigate the new registration system.

Important note:  While large classes like Evidence, Corporations, and Professional Responsibility are open enrollment, they are limited by the size of our largest classroom.  240 Dockser holds about 110 students, so that is the max for any class.  It is rare, but a couple of times in the last few years one of these classes has reached that max.  If you plan to take one or more of these classes, we suggest registering early on once they are open for registration on Thursday July 25 so you don’t get shut out.

Fall 2019 UL Class Schedule

Fall 2019 Upper Level Schedule

*IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you carefully review the Academic Calendar for Winter 2020. There are several Friday “swap days” that you will need to remain cognizant of.

New Courses for Fall 2019

Fall Course List and CRNs

Applications for Clinics

Other Registration Resources:

Course Descriptions

Projected Curriculum

Students can find a folder containing the Projected Curriculum for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years on ASA’s Blackboard site.

If the link above is not working, you should log onto Blackboard, click the Community Tab, and then select: School of Law- Academic & Student Affairs (ASA). From there, select the Curriculum folder on the left.

Syllabi & Assignments

Students can find a folder containing syllabi and assignments for a given term on ASA’s Blackboard site. ASA posts this information as it becomes available from the faculty. If you do not see a syllabus for a specific class on Blackboard, you should contact that professor directly.

If the link above is not working, you should log onto Blackboard, click the Community Tab, and then select: School of Law- Academic & Student Affairs (ASA). From there, select the Syllabi & Assignments folder on the left.

Independent Study

Students do not enroll themselves in an Independent Study. Instead, you should submit the Independent Study Form. Once your faculty member approves your submission, ASA will enroll you in your Independent Study.

Independent Study FAQs.

A student may earn credit toward the J.D. degree for independent study pursuant to the following rules:

(1) A full-time law faculty member must supervise the independent study.

(2) The student must prepare a written proposal for his or her independent study which must be approved in writing by the supervising faculty member. The study must culminate in a written paper, exercise or examination, a description of which shall be included in the written proposal. After the supervising faculty member approves the proposal, a copy should be filed with the Office of the Dean.

(3) The student and the supervising faculty member shall agree on the number of credit hours to be earned for the independent study. The independent study required in order for the student to earn the agreed upon number of credit hours shall be substantially equivalent to the requirements of a course offering of the same number of credit hours.

(4) Except when approved by the Dean, students may not earn more than a total of six (6) credits of independent study toward the J.D. degree, and may not earn more than three (3) credits of independent study in any one (1) quarter.

Student Handbook 2016-17, p. 5.


Applications for the clinics offered in a given term will be posted on this page, above under the “Clinics & Applications” tab 2-3 weeks before registration.

Textbook Lookup Instructions

Find Textbooks After You Are Registered:

  1. Log into myNortheastern
  2. Click the Self-Service tab
  3. Select “Registration”
  4. Click “Concise Student Schedule”
  5. Select “Course Materials”

Find Textbooks Before You Are Registered: 

    1. Log into myNortheastern
    2. Go to the “Services & Links” tab at the top
    3. Scroll down to “Courses & Registration”
    4. Click on “My Schedule.” 1L students should select Law Semester and Upper-Level Transfer students should select Law Quarter.
    5. Note the course number (example: LAW6100) and CRN (5-digit section number) for each class on your schedule.
    6. Then, go to the Northeastern Bookstore website and look up your textbooks by entering in your schedule.
  1. If there is no information available yet, please check again later. The University Bookstore posts this information as it becomes available from faculty.

Don’t forget to check with CISP to see if your book is in stock! When you purchase your book through CISP, you save money and support public interest co-op stipends at the same time!

You can still order/rent your books through other online retailers. You are not required to purchase books through the University website or store. But, you must use the processes described above to retrieve your book information.