Class Registration Information

This page is meant to give you general information regarding registration. Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to registration, The Office of Academic & Student Affairs will update the Upper-Level Registration Information page and the First-Year Registration Information page for the upcoming term. Those pages will include the schedule, CRN lists, term-specific registration instructions, clinic applications, and more.

2017- 2018 Course Descriptions

Projected Curriculum

Students can find a folder containing the Projected Curriculum for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years on ASA’s Blackboard site.

If the link above is not working, you should log onto Blackboard, click the Community Tab, and then select: School of Law- Academic & Student Affairs (ASA). From there, select the Curriculum folder on the left.


UL Registration Instructions

Note: Term-specific instructions with helpful screenshots and firm dates will be located on the Upper-Level Registration Information page.

  • UL Registration (for any quarter) will always start on a Monday. From Monday 9:00am- Tuesday at 9:00am students can enroll into Limited Enrollment Courses on myNortheastern.
    • Important: You need to ensure that when you do this, you add yourself to the wait list.
    • If you want to hedge your bets and add two Limited Enrollment Courses that meet at the same time on the same days, please email with your preference, in case you get into both.
    • Remember: By adding yourself between Monday- Tuesday, you are simply adding yourself to the lottery list. It doesn’t mean you got into the course.
  • On Tuesday at 9:01am, Academic & Student Affairs will print off the lists of students who added themselves to the lottery list over the past 24 hours.
  • From Tuesday at 9:01am- Thursday at 9:00am, Academic & Student Affairs will conduct the lottery. You will notice that courses you added during Limited Enrollment Registration will temporarily disappear from your schedule on myNortheastern. That’s okay! Do not re-add yourself back in during this time frame. ASA will add everyone back into the class in the order dictated by the lottery. Anyone who did not get into the course will be added to the wait list in order of the lottery.
  • On Thursday at 9:00am, you can log into myNortheastern to see if you got into the Limited Enrollment Courses.
  • Starting on Thursday at 9:00am, you can also begin to add yourself into the Non-Limited Enrollment Courses.


Independent Study

Students do not enroll themselves in an Independent Study. Instead, you should submit the Independent Study Form. Once your faculty member approves your submission, ASA will enroll you in your Independent Study.

Independent Study FAQs.

A student may earn credit toward the J.D. degree for independent study pursuant to the following rules:

(1) A full-time law faculty member must supervise the independent study.

(2) The student must prepare a written proposal for his or her independent study which must be approved in writing by the supervising faculty member. The study must culminate in a written paper, exercise or examination, a description of which shall be included in the written proposal. After the supervising faculty member approves the proposal, a copy should be filed with the Office of the Dean.

(3) The student and the supervising faculty member shall agree on the number of credit hours to be earned for the independent study. The independent study required in order for the student to earn the agreed upon number of credit hours shall be substantially equivalent to the requirements of a course offering of the same number of credit hours.

(4) Except when approved by the Dean, students may not earn more than a total of six (6) credits of independent study toward the J.D. degree, and may not earn more than three (3) credits of independent study in any one (1) quarter.

Student Handbook 2016-17, p. 5.



You can view the clinics and their applications for the upcoming term on the Upper-Level Registration Information page. Please note that this information usually becomes available and updated 2-3 weeks prior to the start of registration.


Textbook Lookup Instructions

Find Textbooks After You Are Registered:

  1. Log into myNortheastern
  2. Click the Self-Service tab
  3. Select “Registration”
  4. Click “Concise Student Schedule”
  5. Select “Course Materials”

Find Textbooks Before You Are Registered: 

  1. Go to the University Bookstore’s Website
  2. Click on: Textbooks, then Find Textbooks
  3. Select the correct term*
  4. Under “Department” click “LAW” from the drop down menu
  5. Under “Course” select the corresponding Course Number from the drop down menu (Course Numbers and Section/CRNs are available in a spreadsheet in this folder on Blackboard)
  6. Under “Section” select the corresponding section/CRN number from the drop down menu

*Make sure you are selecting the correct term. UL students are on the quarter system, 1L students are on the semester system.

Don’t forget to check with CISP to see if your book is in stock! When you purchase your book through CISP, you save money and support public interest co-op stipends at the same time!

You can still order/rent your books through other online retailers. You are not required to purchase books through the University website or store. But, you must use the processes described above to retrieve your book information.