2021 New Student Information

Welcome, new students!

Welcome Packet

Please review the pages listed below. If you have any issues accessing any of these documents please email lawstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu.

Many students will find it useful to have access to this information at orientation. We recommend that you either print it out or have easy access to it on your laptop or tablet.

Getting Set Up

myNortheastern, Student Hub, and Canvas Access

As a new student, please make sure you have access to myNortheastern, the Student Hub, and Canvas. You may have to activate your myNortheastern account, which will in turn automatically activate your access to the Student Hub and Canvas. To activate your myNortheastern account, please click here.

myNortheastern, the Student Hub, and Canvas are online portals where important information lives. You will use myNortheastern to view your student email inbox, your class schedule, your student account/bill, and so much more.

Student Email Account

You should be checking your student email account daily. To access this inbox, log into myNortheastern (my.northeastern.edu) and click the mail button on the top right.

Student ID Card (“Husky Card”)

Every student should pick up their student ID card, which is frequently referred to as a “husky card” on campus. Students use their husky card to utilize their free printing quota and to access all Northeastern buildings. The Husky Card Office is the office that prints your ID and can provide you with a replacement if you ever lose your card. You should upload a photo for your card by August 15th. You can see instructions here. Please refer to their website for additional details.

Research Password Sign-Up

You will be sent login credentials for Westlaw, Lexis, Bloomberg Law and CALI during the week of orientation. Please visit the Law Library Info Desk (on the third floor of Knowles Center) or email lawlibrary@northeastern.edu to resolve any problems with registration or for help using the databases. The Law Librarians also host virtual office hours, which can be found on this website.

Student Information Form

Please submit this form to let ASA know your preferred name and pronouns.

Review The Student Handbook

Prior to coming to NUSL for orientation, please review the Student Handbook to familiarize yourself with policies and the resources available to you. You can view the Student Handbook on ASA’s Canvas site. If that link is not working, log onto canvas.northeastern.edu and click the “Courses” button on the left. Then, select School of Law- Academic and Student Affairs (ASA). The student handbook will listed be on the main menu.


If you would like a locker, please fill out this form by August 16. First-year JD students will get preference in the locker lottery. The Office of Academic & Student Affairs will email you your locker assignment 1-2 weeks before the start of the fall term.

Orientation Information

Full-Time JD Program: Class of 2024

Orientation for full-time students will be held virtually on Monday, August 30th, and Tuesday, August 31st. 

Flex JD Program

Orientation for Flex JD students will be held virtually on Tuesday, August 31st at 5:30 – 6:30 pm. 

There are mandatory assignments that all incoming Flex JD students are required to complete in advance of Orientation.

Flex JD students will receive further Orientation information, including any assignments and Zoom links, by email.

Incoming 2L Transfer Students

Incoming transfer students should connect with Dean Kendra Millay (k.millay@northeastern.edu) to discuss your transition to NUSL and your academic schedule. You will not attend orientation with the incoming 1Ls.

Academic & Schedule Information

Class Schedules

Full-time JD Program: Class of 2024

The Office of Academic & Student Affairs (ASA) has registered you for your podium courses.  ASA will enroll you into your two law office (LO) courses in mid-August. Please note that the Office of Academic and Student Affairs reserves the right to alter schedules as necessary, and we will keep you up-to-date about any changes.

Once ASA has registered you, you can look on your myNortheastern account to view your class schedule. Just log in to myNortheastern, select the Self-Service tab, and then on the left select My Schedule. From there, select the Fall 2021 Law Semester term.

View the schedule by cohort here (revised 8/24/21).

Flex JD Program

Flex JD Fall Schedule

Incoming 2L Transfer Students

Please reach out to Dean Kendra Millay (k.millay@northeastern.edu) in ASA to discuss your Fall 2021 schedule if you have not done so already. Dean Millay will be happy to walk you through the registration process for upper-level classes.

Classroom Assignments

Full-time JD Program: Class of 2024

Full-time JD Program 1L Class Schedule With Rooms

Flex JD Program

Flex JD Fall Schedule– Room Assignments Coming Soon.

Incoming 2L Transfer Students

You can find the upper-level schedule with rooms on the Upper-Level Registration page.

Pre-Work & Syllabi 

Class of 2024 (Full-time JD Program)

1L students can find the syllabi and assignments for a given course on Canvas (canvas.northeastern.edu). Please check for each course on your Canvas portal, under “Courses.” Please note that some professors prefer to distribute hard copy syllabi in class. Please note that if there is no syllabus posted for a particular class, it means your professor has not posted it to their Canvas site yet.  Please continue to check back frequently. We expect all instructors to make their Canvas page for their course “live” by August 13.

Flex JD Program

FlexJD students will receive their pre-work and syllabi by email.

Incoming Transfer Students

Upper-level students can find the syllabi and assignments for an upper-level elective on ASA’s Canvas site . Make sure that you view files under the Fall 2021 Upper-Level Semester Heading on the ASA Canvas page. If the link above is not working, you should log onto Canvas (canvas.northeastern.edu), click the Courses, and then select: School of Law- Academic & Student Affairs (ASA). You will see Syllabi & First Assignments on the main menu.


Faculty will likely post their textbook information within their syllabus or on their Canvas site. You may also follow the instructions below to check through The Student Hub:

  1. Log into The Student Hub
  2. Click the Resources tab
  3. Scroll down to “Classes & Registration”
  4. Select “Registrar Self-Service”
  5. Select “Registration”
  6. Select “Concise Student Schedule”
  7. Select the correct Registration Term
  8. Select “Course Materials”


  1. Follow steps #1-6 above, and then:
  2. Note the course number (example: LAW6100) and CRN (5-digit section number) for each class on your schedule on myNortheastern.
  3. Then, go to the Northeastern Bookstore website and look up your textbooks by entering in your schedule

If there is no information available yet, please check again later and review the course syllabus. The University Bookstore posts this information as it becomes available from faculty.

Academic Calendar

You can view the entire 2021- 2022 Academic Calendar here.


COVID-19 Information

  • Testing: Faculty, staff, students, and vendor employees—both fully vaccinated and unvaccinated—will be required to test once a week if they are on campus one day a week or more. Students should use the COVID-19 Test Scheduler to schedule their test. More details regarding these protocols and rules can be found on Northeastern’s dedicated COVID-19 website. Please note that this website is frequently updated.
  • Daily Wellness Checks: Everyone—fully vaccinated and unvaccinated—should complete the Daily Wellness Check any day that they are on campus.
  • Masks: At the start of the fall term, fully vaccinated and unvaccinated students, faculty, staff, visitors, and vendors will be required to wear a mask indoors. Masks will not be required outdoors or when someone is alone in an office or in their own room in university housing.

Plans for each of Northeastern’s locations will be accelerated or decelerated based on real-time COVID-19 data, and in accordance with guidance from public health and government authorities. You should thoroughly review the latest updates and protocols in place on Northeastern’s dedicated COVID-19 website. Please note that this website is frequently updated.

Questions? Please review the School of Law’s Frequently Asked Questions page. For additional campus-wide information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page within the Northeastern COVID-19 website.

Academic & Student Affairs (ASA)

The Office of Academic & Student Affairs is the office responsible for everything related to academics, including: class schedules, exam schedules, advising, academic resources for students with disabilities, various registrar functions, and more. ASA also liaisons with student organizations and supports the Opportunities for Student Distinction program. If you have a question and are unsure who to ask, ASA can be your first place to turn.

ASA can be reached by emailing lawstudentaffairs@northeastern.edu

Flex JD Student Support

Flex JD students with questions or concerns about their program can reach out to Liz Carroll (e.carroll@northeastern.edu), Director of the Flex Program. Additionally, each of the 1L courses in Canvas will list a 24/7 helpline and email contact if you have technical questions.

Financial Aid Office

Northeastern University School of Law has its own financial aid office. Helpful information regarding financing your education can be found in the welcome packet.

The Financial Aid Office can be reached by emailing lawfinaid@northeastern.edu.

Incoming students can sign-up for one-on-one advising appointments with the Financial Aid Office during the first week of classes using this link.

The Center for Co-op & Career Development

The Center for Co-op & Career Development (“the Co-op office”) offers a full range of legal career and professional development support, including: educational programs and panels, individualized advising, co-op placement, OCI programs, review and feedback on application materials, networking opportunities, post-graduate job search guidance and more. More information will be provided during orientation and at the Co-op Kickoff in September.

Academic Success Program (ASP)

Professor Victoria McCoy Dunkley (v.mccoy@northeastern.edu) manages the Academic Success Program (ASP). ASP offers a variety of services for you to maximize your academic experience at Northeastern University School of Law. From study skills to bar prep, the program is dedicated to your success.

Disability Resource Center

Students who are admitted to the law school are encouraged to decide as soon as possible whether or not to disclose a disability and request reasonable accommodations. If you think you may benefit from some type of accommodation, including instructional, course load, or exam modifications, auxiliary services such as interpreters or note-takers, or other accommodations, please contact Dr. Kendra Millay (k.millay@northeastern.edu), Assistant Dean of Academic & Student Affairs, as soon as possible to discuss next steps, including outreach to the Northeastern University Disability Resource Center (DRC) for further screening and assessment.

The Disability Resource Center provides free support services, including advocacy, assistance in obtaining interpreters, exam modifications, and other accommodations, to all students with disabilities.  For more information about the DRC, the process for requesting accommodations, and DRC documentation requirements, please visit the DRC’s website.

Off-Campus Student Services

Students who may need assistance finding permanent or temporary housing should review the Off-Campus Student Services website.

Northeastern University Commuting Services 

For information about parking passes and other commuting services, please visit this website.

Office of Computer Services at NUSL

NUSL has its very own Office of Computer Services. You can reach them by calling 617-373-8919 or by emailing SLAW_OCS@northeastern.edu. If NUSL’s Office of Computer Services is unable to assist you, they may direct you to Northeastern University ITS. They can be reached by emailing help@northeastern.edu.

For information on how to utilize the printers on campus, please visit this website.

For information on how to download Microsoft Office onto your computers, please visit this website. Your Microsoft login credentials are [YourNortheasternUsername]@northeastern.edu, and your normal myNortheastern password.

Law Library

The Law Library is an excellent resource to assist you with your research and academic pursuits. For more information, please view their website. You can also email them at LawResearchHelp@northeastern.edu.

Students can also view a Law Library Orientation here.

Northeastern University Student Health Plan

Learn more about the student health insurance here.

Students with the NU Student Health Plan should also note that they have access to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Well Connection, which provides access to live video visits with medical providers and behavioral health specialists.

University Health & Counseling Services

Students can go to University Health & Counseling Services free of charge. For more information, please view their website.


All law students have access to virtual mental health resources through Find@Northeastern 1.877.233.9477 (U.S.), 24-hours a day, seven days a week. On your first call with Find@Northeastern, they will help you connect with local or video counselors to schedule session times that work for you. The first five of those sessions each fall and spring semester are free to you.

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL)

The mission of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, Inc. (LCL) is to promote well-being and resilience in the legal community, improve lives, nurture competence, and elevate the standing of the legal profession. To fulfill this mission, LCL provides free and confidential mental health resources, addiction recovery support, and practice management services. LCL is a non-profit organization not affiliated with Northeastern University. To learn more, visit their website.

Campus Recreation

Click here to learn more about the gym facilities and various programming that Campus Recreation has to offer.

Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service

Click here to learn more about the programming and services offered by the Center for Spirituality, Dialogue, and Service.

Office for University Equity & Compliance

Click here to learn more about the services that the Office for University Equity & Compliance offers to support our students.


I am unable to virtually attend part of orientation. Who should I contact and how will I get the information I will miss? 

Full-time JD students with an unavoidable extenuating circumstance should contact Dean Millay at k.millay@northeastern.edu to discuss. Flex JD students with an unavoidable extenuating circumstance should contact Liz Carroll at e.carroll@northeastern.edu to discuss.

What is Northeastern doing in response to COVID-19?

Please review Northeastern’s dedicated COVID-19 website. Please note that this website is frequently updated. Additional questions? Please review the School of Law’s Frequently Asked Questions page. For further campus-wide information, including information on vaccinations and testing, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page within the Northeastern COVID-19 website.

I am a transgender or gender non-conforming student who would like to change my name and other pertinent information as it appears on my university record. Who should I contact?

ASA is happy to assist you with this process and to liaison with the appropriate administrators in the Registrar’s Office and Northeastern ITS. Please email Kendra Millay at k.millay@northeastern.edu to get started.

What does a typical full-time JD class schedule look like?

Generally speaking, students should expect to be on campus Monday- Friday from 8am- 5pm. By mid-August, you should be able to log into myNortheastern to view your schedule, including your law office assignments. Additional information about how to view your individual schedule can be found on this webpage, under the “Academic Information” tab.

I am having trouble accessing myNortheastern and/or Canvas. Who should I contact?

NUSL has its very own Office of Computer Services. You can reach them by calling 617-373-8919 or by emailing SLAW_OCS@northeastern.edu. If NUSL’s Office of Computer Services is unable to assist you, they may direct you to Northeastern University ITS. They can be reached by emailing help@northeastern.edu.

My lease does not start until September 1st. What do students typically do for temporary housing before 9/1? 

It is not uncommon that some students may need to find temporary housing during orientation and the days leading up to September 1st. Students who may need assistance finding temporary housing should review the Off-Campus Student Services website.

I have questions about my Health Report or Proof of Immunizations. Who should I contact?

For any questions about the Health Report, students should contact University Health and Counseling Services at (617) 373-2772 or email them at uhcs@northeastern.edu.

How can I purchase NUSL merchandise? 

Students can purchase NUSL merchandise through CISP (Cooperative Income Sharing Program). All proceeds for anything purchased through CISP will benefit students on public interest co-ops. CISP has a storefront in Knowles Hall, next to the Law Library. For more information, please view the CISP Facebook Group.

How do I get a Parking Pass and/or MBTA Pass?

Students can review parking options here and MBTA pass options here.

I have questions about billing, financial aid, loans, and payments. Who should I speak to?

Students should reach out to NUSL’s Financial Aid Office. The Financial Aid Office can be reached by emailing lawfinaid@northeastern.edu