Welcome to the new online home for Opportunities for Student Distinction (OSD), a program for upper-level NUSL students that provides internal and external ways for students to gain valuable experience and distinguishing credentials at the same time!

Internal Opportunities

Students can distinguish themselves right here at NUSL by taking on certain positions on campus.

External Opportunities

Students can also participate in a host of distinguishing activities outside of NUSL. Some of these opportunities are school-sponsored and others are not.

OSD maintains a database with information on a vast number of external opportunities, including writing competitions and awards and scholarships for work students have already completed.

-When searching the Database, use the Ctrl or Command button to search multiple categories.

-The Database provides general information and includes links to opportunity websites for more details.

-For competitions that are not school-sponsored, teams must petition the OSD program to participate. All writing competitions are considered school-sponsored.

-While OSD tries to keep the database as up-to-date as possible, there can be some delay in new information becoming available, often until the early Summer or late Fall.

-If you notice any out-of-date information, please contact Audrey Grace at lawosd@northeastern.edu.