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Inspired by high school government and civics classes, Ashley L’Etoile felt the call to serve. 

She joined the Rhode Island Army National Guard when she was 18. She then worked her way through college, deployment to Kuwait and law school, selecting Northeastern because of the co-op program. 

After completing a co-op with CVS Health, Ashley was offered a post-grad job in the strategic procurement department. “Co-op is absolutely what led to my employment,” she says. “Getting into an office and being connected with people allows you to showcase your skills and build relationships that last.”

Today, she’s deeply involved in analyzing and negotiating contracts related to CVS Health’s acquisition of insurance giant Aetna. As always, her values guide her goals: she views helping CVS pass savings along to customers as a civic duty in a corporate setting. 


Rhode Island Superior Court

For her first co-op, Ashley conducted in-depth research and drafted memoranda for two judges in cases that involved motion rulings, as well as contract and business law.  


  • Administrative Law
  • Negotiation
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Human Rights and the Global Economy
  • Secured Transactions
  • Transactional Drafting


Rhode Island National Guard, Cranston

Ashley returned to her professional roots with a co-op that built on her years of service as a paralegal non-commissioned officer in the National Guard, while she used her skills as a lawyer to provide legal analysis and advice in the JAG office.


Business and Commercial Law

The concentration in Business and Commercial Law enabled Ashley to focus on her planned career path by taking courses that dealt with issues that a corporate lawyer might confront when representing or regulating private businesses. 


CVS Health, Woonsocket (Rhode Island)

At CVS Health, Ashley was tasked with identifying contractual risks with a focus on limitation of liability and intellectual property ownership rights. Her research involved learning about the inner workings of a variety of departments, including digital enterprises and retail information technology.


  • International Law Society
  • Admissions Committee


Rhode Island Army National Guard

While in law school, Ashley continued her military service as a Sergeant First Class.

After Graduation

Senior Consultant, Strategic Procurement, CVS Health


A lawyer with a healthy sense of service.