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“Massachusetts’ mental health system is failing our children,” says Josh Greenberg ’93.

As vice president of government relations at Boston Children’s Hospital, Josh is deeply involved in this issue, which affects an estimated 10 percent of kids in the Bay State.

“Children with mental health issues are treated differently. Access problems are terrible, with so many of them left languishing in emergency rooms,” says Greenberg, who also serves as a member of Massachusetts’ Children’s Mental Health Campaign (CMHC), an umbrella group involving more than 140 organizations.

That will change, thanks to CMHC, in what Greenberg calls “textbook organizing.” The CMHC has successfully advocated for numerous statutory and regulatory changes since its founding in 2006; most recently, in August 2012, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed S.2410, An Act Regarding Children and Families Engaged in Services, into law. This gives thousands of at-risk youth and their families direct access to help and services in their communities in addition to juvenile court

“This is an exciting policy issue with significant long-term implications,” he says.

Co-op 1

New York State Supreme Court, Appellate Division, Schenectady

This co-op gave Josh an opportunity to improve his legal writing and analysis, working for a Judge Howard Levine, subsequently elevated to the state’s highest court.

Co-op 2

Greater Boston Legal Services, Boston

Josh participated in an innovative program representing low-income parents in child support cases as a means to improve their economic situation while also working on related policy issues raised by Clinton-era welfare reform proposals.

Co-op 3

Meehan, Boyle & Cohen, Boston

Josh calls this “a terrific opportunity to work at one of Boston’s best small trial firms; gave me real insight into how complex litigation is put together from discovery through the trial phase.”

Co-op 4

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, Boston

Josh worked primarily with senior attorney to file, brief, argue and ultimately win a federal court injunction on behalf of homeless families seeking permanent housing — all in the space of one co-op.

After graduation

  • Founding Director, Medical-Legal Partnership for Children, Boston Medical Center
  • Director, Massachusetts Covering Kids Initiative, Health Care For All, Boston 


Vice President of Government Relations, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston


A creative advocate who uses the law to connect children in need with resources.