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“Through my co-ops, I met incredible people working in the human rights field and gained valuable insights to make my nonprofit organization more sustainable and effective,” says Sarah Gogel ’13.

Sarah is founder of Global Potential, a nonprofit social enterprise that today annually trains 500 youth around the world to become leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs. Through the School of Law’s dual-degree program with the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University, she earned both her JD and a master’s in Sustainable International Development.

Sarah’s co-op employers — including the International Federation for Human Rights in Paris, France and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Washington, DC, and Calais, France — enabled her to fight for social justice on a global scale. Northeastern also allowed her to focus one co-op on Global Potential. “No other school would have allowed me to fulfill my goals so completely,” says Sarah, who is now executive director of YES Akademia, a global grassroots for-social-profit organization founded in Paris, France, in 2012, that is a partner of Global Potential.

Co-op 1

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Paris, France

Working in close collaboration with human rights federations worldwide, Sarah carried out research to provide justice to victims of an illegal toxic waste dumping in the Ivory Coast, including analyzing interviews with victims and their lawyers and helping to verify the facts of the case.

Research Assistant

Under the direction of Professor Sonia Elise Rolland, Sarah worked on research related to international trade development.

Co-op 2

Global Potential, US, France, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Nicaragua

Working under the supervision of a Northeastern alumnus, Sarah looked closely at Global Potential from a legal perspective, edited its bylaws and designed its tax structure.                 

Co-op 3

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Washington, DC

Combining her legal knowledge with the in-depth understanding of international development she gained at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University, Sarah helped monitor gender and human rights issues in 27 Caribbean countries.

Academic Exchange

Sciences Po Law School, Paris France


  • Negotiation
  • International Law
  • International Legal Research
  • Planning and Implementation (Heller School for Social Policy and Management)
  • Conflict of Laws and Cross-Border Litigation (Sciences Po)

Co-op 4

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Calais, France

Sarah carried out direct legal advocacy and strategies to protect Sudanese, Eritrean, Ethiopian, Afghan, Chadian, Somali, Moroccan and Nigerian refugees in France

After graduation

Chief Executive Officer, YES Akademia


A defender of human rights armed with deep experience in international law.