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Chris Fletcher ’11 never thought he would be a lawyer.

But several personal experiences with injustice turned his path toward social justice, and eventually to law. In addition, Fletcher came to Northeastern with a background in human rights. Having worked in various sectors, he came to understand that the traditional human-rights tools — while still vital — can have limitations. NGOs can be underfunded and have a reduced impact, and bureaucratic governments can be slow to adapt and respond to human rights violations.

Corporations, however — when driven by the right vision — have the potential to bring about needed and positive change on a global scale. Fletcher therefore focused his studies at Northeastern on corporate social responsibility (CSR), a relatively new field in which businesses can fulfill their mission while making progress on economic, social and environmental challenges.

Today, Fletcher is an associate with BSR, a leading nonprofit CSR consulting organization where he helps companies with a diverse range of sustainability and human rights projects.

Co-op 1

Massachusetts Superior Court, Boston

Chris assisted with a range of business litigation matters.

Research Assistant

Chris was selected as part of research team, directed by Harvard Law School Professor David Kennedy, on behalf of PricewaterhouseCoopers, to research good governance regulations.


  • International Law Society
  • Restorative Justice Society
  • Student Bar Association: Graduate and Professional Student Association Senator
  • Governing Council
  • Academic and Student Affairs Committee

Co-op 2

United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials (UNAKRT), Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Chris worked with UNAKRT, investigating the alleged forced transfer of populations and the use of media to incite genocide.


  • International Business Regulation
  • International Law
  • Corporations
  • Human Rights in the Global Economy
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Independent Study
  • Employment Law
  • Negotiation
  • Corporate Finance
  • Environmental Law
  • Law and Economic Development
  • Administrative Law
  • International and Foreign Legal Research

Co-op 3

PHRGE Fellow, Oxfam America, Private Sector Department, Boston

Chris dealt with cutting-edge CSR issues, such as locating and analyzing critiques of John Ruggie’s UN framework for business and human rights. 

Research Assistant

Chris assisted Professor Hope Lewis with research on UN discussions on violence against women, the obligations of corporations toward migrant workers, and the Haiti earthquake relief effort.  

Co-op 4

Life is good, Inc., Boston

Chris assisted with strategic planning and implementation of the company’s CSR program; among other projects, he updated their factory code of conduct to enhance social compliance within supply-chain factories.

After Graduation

Associate, BSR, Hong Kong


A CSR practitioner helping companies to improve their human-rights performance.