Throughout your legal career, you’ll be working with professionals trained in other disciplines. Whether you are representing doctors and nurses, working for a small biotech company or working in a government policy position, you need to know how to work with other professionals and understand their fields. That’s why at Northeastern we are serious about interdisciplinary education, offering eight dual-degree programs and eight concentrations, which each have a strong interdisciplinary perspective. That’s also why many members of our faculty have training in other disciplines, and appointments in other colleges, and why all students can take up to six credits in the university outside of the law school. JD students may also do one of their co-ops in a non-legal setting, working as a lawyer alongside engineers, human rights advocates, environmental regulators or finance professionals.

Faculty Innovators

The School of Law is well known for its innovative approach to legal education. Over the past five decades, we have built the nation’s leading experiential law program. Throughout that time, our faculty have collaborated with our co-op employers as well as colleagues across all disciplinary boundaries on a wide range of interdisciplinary programs and research projects, including the Center for Health Policy and Law, the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy and the IP CO-LAB. The commitment of our faculty, many of whom have advanced degrees in multiple fields and joint appointments with other schools within the university, to interdisciplinary education helps to ensure that our students know how to speak to and successfully work with all types of professionals.


At Northeastern, we believe the best lawyers of tomorrow will be fluent not only in the language of the law, but also in the language of clients. These client languages include science, business, technology, empirical research, creative arts and pretty much every aspect of human endeavor for which lawyers are needed to smooth transactions and ensure the pre-eminence of fair play. Our law school is at the forefront of providing such training, not only through our Cooperative Legal Education Program, but also through our concentrations, which provide Northeastern law students with a competitive advantage in their specific fields of interest. Check out our concentrations in:

Dual-Degree Programs

The School of Law’s dual-degree programs offer students a dynamic opportunity to focus on interdisciplinary study. Our partnerships with Tufts University School of Medicine, Brandeis University and Vermont Law School provide students with access to three outstanding, specialized programs — all leaders in their respective fields. And, our dual-degree programs within Northeastern University allow students to take advantage of the world-class resources here on our own campus. Check out our dual-degree programs: