Talk to a current student! The best way to learn about being a student at Northeastern University School of Law is to talk to someone who is already walking the walk. Our Student Ambassadors are happy to answer your questions about life at Northeastern.

Kaila Clark '20

Hometown: Harlem, New York City, New York
Undergraduate College: Penn State
Undergraduate Major(s): Administration of Justice
Graduate School/Degree: University at Albany, MA in Criminal Justice; Hunter College, MS in Adolescent Special Education
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Justice Reform, Education Law
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, Queer Caucus, Black Law Students Association, National Lawyers Guild, PILS 
Hobbies: Acting, coloring, playing card and tabletop games, watching college and professional basketball
My favorite thing about NUSL is…Here at NUSL, I've been able to join a wide range of student groups that align with the different intersections of my identity. NUSL fosters an environment where students feel comfortable bringing their whole selves and what makes them unique.

Aylin Corapcioglu '19

Hometown: Lousiville, Colorado
Undergraduate College: Providence College
Undergraduate Major(s): Global Studies; Spanish
Areas of Legal Interest: International Human Rights/Business
NUSL Activities: Women's Law Caucus, International Law Society 
Hobbies: Horseback riding (dressage, specifically), cooking and anything that is outside!
My favorite thing about NUSL is… the support that I have found in both my classmates and my professors. NUSL is a truly collaborative environment and we all work together so that we can all succeed.

Eve Deveau ’19

Hometown: Stanfordville, New York
Undergraduate College: The George Washington University
Undergraduate Major(s): Human Services
Areas of Legal Interest: Human Rights and Civil Rights, Prisoners' Rights, Government
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, National Lawyers Guild
Co-op(s):The Masschusetts Attorney General's Office
Hobbies: Singing, reading on the beach, camping
My favorite thing about NUSL is … getting four opportunities (co-ops) to discover the kind of careers I do, and don't, want to have.

Ethan Dowling '19

Hometown: Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Undergraduate College: University of Wisconsin
Undergraduate Major(s): Finance, Investment & Banking; Marketing
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate, Securities and Business Law, LGBT Rights
NUSL Activities: Surviving 1L intact and keeping an open mind for future engagements!
Co-op(s): Masschusetts District Court (Worcester, MA), US Attorney's Office, Civil Division (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: Reading, running 5Ks, finding hidden restaurant gems
My favorite thing about NUSL is… the community and spirit of learning. I could have gone to a corporate, business-focused law school, but instead chose NUSL for an ability to open my mind to concepts that other schools don't put much emphasis on. The social justice aspect of the community at Northeastern is unparalleled; that, combined with the opportunity to practice in areas I wouldn't have otherwise considered through co-op, is my favorite thing about NUSL.

Stefanie Gonzales '19

Hometown: Raleigh, North Carolina
Undergraduate College: Appalachian State University
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Law, Immigration, Civil Rights
NUSL Activities: Latino Law Student Association, Admissions Committee, Softball Team
Hobbies: Cooking, hiking, biking, going to baseball games, seeing live music
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the incredibly supportive faculty and the students! It truly is a cooperative learning environment.

Megan Hiserodt '19

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts
Undergraduate College: Boston University
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology; Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Justice, Government, Policy
Hobbies: Baking, cooking, hiking
My favorite thing about NUSL is… that everyone is so friendly and the sense of community makes it a very welcoming place!

Miranda Jang '19

Hometown: Naugatuck, Connecticut
Undergraduate College: University of Connecticut
Undergraduate Major(s): Psychology (research specific), Criminal Justice Concentration
Areas of Legal Interest: Intellectual Property, Health Law
NUSL Activities: Social Justice Project on Workers' Compensation, Women's Law Caucaus, Student Bar Association, Intellectual Property Society, Health Law Society, Domestic Violence Institute: Legal Assistance for Victims Program
Hobbies: Jogging outdoors, tennis, cooking, trying different types of coffee (Boston's great for this), and scanning the internet to find out what's new today!
My favorite thing about NUSL is ... that the faculty does everything they can to make our experience at NUSL challenging and equally as rewarding. We are also provided with the tools we need to be successful. We have frequent professional events that allow us to learn and network in preparation for internships/co-ops/jobs, and NUSL's staff ensures students have a full year of work experience prior to graduation. In a world where employers want recent graduates to acquire as much real work experience as possible, I'm confident NUSL does a phenomenal job of making our law school experience very competitive.

Aisha Khan '20

Hometown: Long Island, New York
Undergraduate College: New York University
Undergraduate Major(s): Global Public Health and Anthropology
Areas of Legal Interest: JD/MPH and Health Law
NUSL Activities: Muslim Law Association, Health Law Society, South Asian Law Students Association
Hobbies: Exploring Boston, trying new coffee shops and enjoying time outdoors
My favorite thing about NUSL is ... how passionate and helpful everybody is!

Eugene Kim '19

Hometown: Chino Hills, California
Undergraduate College: University of California, Irvine
Undergraduate Major(s): Criminology, Law and Society; Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Juvenile Justice, Criminal Law
NUSL Activities: Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
Co-op(s): Legal Aid Society (Queens, NY)
Hobbies: Basketball, backgammon, reading (not casebooks), cooking, watching stand-up comedy and baseball
My favorite thing about NUSL is… the faculty members. They are not only supportive and accessible, but they also foster the school's diversity and non-traditional inquiries to the law.

Taylor Lovejoy '19

Hometown: Sunrise, Florida
Undergraduate College: Florida State University
Undergraduate Major(s): Political Science; Psychology
Areas of Legal Interest: Constitutional Law, Legal Policy, Administrative Law, First Amendment Law
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association
Hobbies: Football (specifically anything involving the Patriots franchise), pet ownership (I have two rabbits), cross-country running, political advocacy and politics in general.
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the inclusiveness of the student body, everyone here really is out to help you be the best law student you can be. The support of the faculty is also substantial and has made a big impact on me already, even after such a short time.

Siri Nelson '19

Hometown: Bronx, New York
Undergraduate College: The College of New Rochelle
Undergraduate Major(s): Social Sciences
Areas of Legal Interest: Public Interest, Human Rights, IP
NUSL Activities: Black Law Students Association
Hobbies: Exercise, watching documentaries, eating at restaurants, lectures and concerts
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the faculty. The quality of teaching here is amazing. Also, the Marino Center (Northeastern's awesome fitness facility) and the fact that we are close to some great cultural institutions.

Keith Nemeth '19

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Undergraduate College: Mercyhurst College
Undergraduate Major(s): Intelligence Studies & Russian Studies
Graduate School/Degree: Boston College/MA in Political Science: Focus in Islamic Political Theory
Areas of Legal Interest: Corporate, Securities and Business Law
NUSL Activities: Law Review, Student Bar Association, Veterans Law Society, American Constitution Society, IRAP
Co-op(s): Judicial Intern (Boston)
Hobbies: Playing piano, painting, and trampoline parks
My favorite thing about NUSL is … it is such a nurturing environment to foster your legal career.

Fabiola Olvera Benitez '19

Hometown: Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Undergraduate College: Rhode Island College
Undergraduate Major(s): Justice Studies & Sociology
Areas of Legal Interest: Immigration Law, Criminal Law
NUSL Activities: Latin American Law Student Association, Admissions Committee, Hindu Law Student Association
Co-op(s):Rhode Island Center for Justice (Rhode Island)
Hobbies: Reading, watching documentaries, trying new food places
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the support from professors, CCOPA staff, and the collaborative atmosphere among students.

Erica Rasquinha ’19

Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Undergraduate College: University of Denver
Undergraduate Major(s):Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: International and Immigration Law
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, South Asian Bar Association, South Asian Law Student Association, IRAP
Co-op(s): Cameron Law Offices (East Boston, MA), US Attorney's Office, Civil Division (Boston, MA)
Hobbies: Singing, yoga, trying different cuisines from around the world
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the wide range of interests across our passionate faculty as well as their love for teaching.

Richard Raya '19

Hometown: Berkeley, California
Undergraduate College: Macalester College
Undergraduate Major(s): American Studies
Areas of Legal Interest: Criminal Defense, Restorative Justice, Juvenile Justice
NUSL Activities: Latino American Law Students Association, National Lawyers Guild, How To Get It Done
Co-op(s): National Center for Youth Law (Oakland, CA)
Hobbies: Martial arts, comedy (stand-up and sketch)
My favorite thing about NUSL is … the passionate and idealistic students!

Sean Rhee '20

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Undergraduate College: SUNY Stony Brook
Undergraduate Major(s): Sociology, Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Immigration Law, Intellectual Property
NUSL Activities: Asian Pacific American Law Students Association, International Refugee Assistance Project
Hobbies: Badminton, Netflix, cooking
My favorite thing about NUSL is … there is no competition for grades. We do not get letter grades from our professors, instead, we get a detailed explanation about what we did well and areas of improvements. Through this, you do not see your friend as a source of competition who will take your A. Instead, we all work together as a group to make sure that we are all on the same page and work to improve each other's weakness.

Fernando Rodriguez-Diaz ’19

Hometown: Mexico City, Mexico
Undergraduate College: Suffolk University
Undergraduate Major(s): Philosophy
Areas of Legal Interest: Constitutional Law, Contracts, and Immigration
NUSL Activities: Student Bar Association, Latin American Law Students Association
Hobbies: Philosophy, working out, talking with my professors
My favorite thing about NUSL is … its co-op system and the people that teach and work here.

Kate Tucker ’19

Hometown: Sacramento, California
Undergraduate College: Santa Clara University
Undergraduate Major(s): Communication; Political Science
Areas of Legal Interest: Public Policy, Civil Rights
NUSL Activities: IRAP, Women's Law Caucus, Human Rights Caucus, Domestic Violence Institute
Co-op(s): Namati (Washington, DC)
Hobbies: Hiking, reading, traveling, yoga
My favorite thing about NUSL is… the ability to explore all of your interests and the devotion to social justice in all aspects of your education!