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Northeastern Once Again Ranked #1 for Practical Training Northeastern Once Again Ranked #1 for Practical Training

prelaw3.20.18 — In recognition of its national leadership in experiential learning, Northeastern University School of Law has been ranked #1 for practical training by preLaw/The National Jurist. This is the fourth year in a row that Northeastern held the #1 spot.

“We are proud to have yet again earned preLaw and The National Jurist’s recognition as the #1 school in the nation for practical training,” said Dean Jeremy Paul. “Our signature co-op program provides each student with nearly one year of professional experience, in which our graduates acquire the real world skills so prized by today’s employers. But as entry-level training becomes harder for law firms and others to deliver, we have further enhanced our experiential offerings.  Every student now has a required clinical experience in the first year, working in small teams on projects assigned by nonprofit and governmental organizations. Our upper-level offerings include a full roster of clinics in intellectual property, public health litigation, community business, prisoners’ rights, poverty law, domestic violence, civil rights and restorative justice, and our brand new immigrant justice clinic. And we are introducing experiential components into our seminars, such as inviting students to submit comments to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights. We do all this for the simple reason that clients need lawyers who know how to navigate the professional world, not simply pass exams.

Northeastern law students complete 1,500 hours of full-time, supervised work through the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. The co-op program includes 900 employers worldwide; to date, students have completed co-ops in 71 countries.

The rankings are based on experiential learning opportunities, with data from the American Bar Association and individual schools.

preLaw/The National Jurist notes that not only is Northeastern #1 for practical training, the school is “... hardly resting on its laurels. In February, it opened yet another clinic — this one for immigration — offering students even more practical-training options.”

In addition, Northeastern received an A+ grade for its intellectual property program — only 18 law schools nationwide received this top grade.

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About Northeastern University School of Law

The nation’s leader in experiential legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law offers the longest-running, most extensive experience-based legal education program in the country and is a national leader in legal education reform. Founded with cooperative legal education as the cornerstone of its program, Northeastern guarantees its students an unparalleled full year of practical legal work. All students participate in four, full-time legal placements, and can choose from the more than 900 employers worldwide participating in the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. The future of legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law blends theory and practice, providing students with a unique set of skills and experience to successfully practice law.