7.23.18 — The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) at Northeastern University School of Law is pleased to announce four new appointees to its prestigious fellowship program. Every quarter, PHRGE provides fellowships to outstanding JD and LLM students who have chosen to work with co-op organizations that protect and promote human rights. Each fellow receives $3,500 in financial aid.

Fall 2018 PHRGE Fellowship Recipients

GiacomaLili Giacoma ’19
Brooklyn Defender Services (Brooklyn, NY)
Lili will work on the New York Immigrant Family Unity Project where she will assist detained noncitizens by providing legal research and representation during bond and immigration hearings.


Stefanie Gonzales ’19
Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (Seattle, WA)
Stefanie will work in the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Unit, helping immigrant survivors of domestic violence and other violent crimes obtain U Visas, T Visas and VAWA-based status.


Thera McAvoy ’20
Peter Cicchino Youth Project (New York, NY)
Thera will provide legal services to homeless young people, particularly those facing additional oppression due to their race, mental health, sexual orientation, gender or involvement in criminalized economies.


Marecca Vertin ’19
Community Activism Law Alliance (CALA) (Chicago, IL)
Marecca will support CALA and its partner organizations by providing direct legal representation for clients in neighborhood legal clinics, and research and other assistance to activists and organizers.

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About the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy

The Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy (PHRGE) is at the center of the School of Law’s human rights efforts and works closely with scholars, institutions and advocates nationally and internationally to address issues of human rights and economic development. Reflecting our faculty's interests, PHRGE is particularly engaged with the international movement to promote economic, social and cultural rights.