The Health of Newcomers Book Cover1.17.17 — Professor Patricia Illingworth and Professor Wendy Parmet, director of NUSL's Center for Health Policy and Law, are the co-authors of a new book, The Health of Newcomers: Immigration, Health Policy, and the Case for Global Solidarity, published by NYU Press.

In The Health of Newcomers, Parmet and Illingworth demonstrate how shortsighted and dangerous it is to craft health policy on the basis of ethnocentrism and xenophobia. Because health is a global public good and people benefit from the health of neighbor and stranger alike, it is in everyone’s interest to ensure the health of all. Drawing on rigorous legal and ethical arguments and empirical studies, as well as deeply personal stories of immigrant struggles, Illingworth and Parmet make the compelling case that global phenomena such as poverty, the medical brain drain, organ tourism, and climate change ought to inform the health policy we craft for newcomers and natives alike.

About the Authors

Patricia Illingworth is a professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, as well as a lecturer in law at Northeastern University School of Law. Professor Illingworth was a Liberal Arts Fellow at Harvard Law School, and a Fellow in Medical Ethics at Harvard Medical School.  She is the author of AIDS and the Good SocietyTrusting Medicine: The Moral Costs of Managed Care, and Us Before Me: Ethics and Social Capital for Global Well-Being. She frequently consults to the media on ethics and philanthropy and blogs for the Huffington Post. Professor Illingworth is currently a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government, Carr Center for Human Rights, Harvard University. 

Matthews Distinguished University Professor Wendy Parmet, an internationally recognized expert on health law, heads the School of Law’s Center for Health Policy and Law and serves as associate dean for interdisciplinary education and research support. In 2016, Professor Parmet received the Jay Healey Teaching Award from the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics at its annual conference. The eponymous award honors the memory of Jay Healey, a beloved teacher of health law at the University of Connecticut Schools of Law and Medicine and a leader among the nation’s health law teachers. Professor Parmet is the author of Populations, Public Health, and the Law.

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