Dean PaulSunday's senseless killings in Orlando grieve us all. It is hard to imagine, let alone understand, such an act of violence and hatred. What we do know is that this horrific act is a blow to the values we hold dear – the rule of law, the rights of all people to live in peace, and the communal bonds that are the essence of a free and just society. Let us begin with a clear expression of sympathy and solidarity with those who have suffered the loss of their cherished loved ones. And, as we stand with all members of the LGBT+ community and with all people who value life and liberty, let us renew our devotion to advancing the cause of justice. It is through collective resolve that our cause will prevail.

Plans are underway for an event this week for our community to come together and explore the deeper truths that may be lost in early reactions to this act of brutality. Details will follow. But let us be clear from the start that here at Northeastern University School of Law we remain steadfast in our mission to promote a world where all people are free to chart a life course without fear and where differences are resolved through democratic governance and not at the point of a gun.