6.9.15 — Jessica Silbey, a leading scholar and nationally recognized expert on intellectual property and the use of film to communicate about law, has joined the Jessica Silbeytenured faculty of Northeastern University School of Law.

“I am thrilled to welcome a teacher and scholar of Professor Silbey’s stature to our faculty at Northeastern,” said Dean Jeremy Paul. “Along with the recent hiring of Professor Andrea Matwyshyn, and our strong existing faculty, Professor Silbey immediately establishes Northeastern as an ideal place to study the laws that shape the innovation engine driving the world economy in the 21st century.”

Silbey has altered the national conversation about creativity with her new book, The Eureka Myth (Stanford University Press). Based on a set of 50 interviews with authors, artists, inventors and lawyers, Silbey’s work challenges the traditional notion of intellectual property as merely creating financial incentives necessary to spur innovation. Bill Patry, senior copyright counsel with Google, says, “At last — a book that provides the only sound basis for sound policy. Silbey did the hard work of asking those who create why they create and what they need to keep creating. In place of phony political bromides like ‘I stand with artists,’ we can finally hear what artists themselves say. We should listen.”

Silbey has been invited to speak about her book and research at the nation’s leading law schools, including Harvard, NYU and Yale, as well as at universities in Canada, England, Australia, Germany and British Columbia. Silbey earned her undergraduate degree with honors from Stanford University and her JD cum laude from the University of Michigan, where she also earned a PhD in comparative literature. She served as law clerk to Judge Robert E. Keeton of the US District Court for the District of Massachusetts and Judge Levin H. Campbell of the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. She also spent three years in private law practice, focusing on intellectual property.

Silbey is co-editor of the book Law and Justice on the Small Screen (with Peter Robson) and author of 15 law review articles and numerous publications in other venues. She is currently a member of the tenured faculty at Suffolk University Law School and was recently named an affiliate fellow at Yale’s Information Society Project.

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