Daniel Fox, president emeritus of the Milbank Memorial Fund, pays tribute to his colleague, friend and co-author, the late Professor Daniel Schaffer, in the December 2014 issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law. In “Politics, Policy, Law, and Friendship: Celebrating Daniel C. Schaffer, 1938–2013,” Mr. Fox recounts their shared history: from meeting as Harvard College students in 1956 to almost six decades of conversations, frequently focused on making and implementing public policy. In the mid-1980s, the two began to conduct research and collaborate on articles. 

An excerpt from Mr. Milbank’s tribute:

Because these words are mostly Dan’s, they are an appropriate conclusion for this article: ‘‘Do we as a nation want to continue to link health insurance with employment, or are we willing to move toward publicly provided benefits, even to those who are employed? If we stay with employment-linked insurance, do we want to preempt state regulation of employee benefits to enable the market to set the scope of benefits, or do we prefer national standards for health care coverage, or will we accept state experimentation?’’ We told our readers that, until American politics resolves these questions, ‘‘we will muddle along with a policy . . . created at a time of different national expectations to achieve different purposes.’’

I miss Dan. 

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