The law firm Nutter McClennen & Fish has selected Northeastern University School of Law’s Queers United in Radical Rethinking (QUiRR) to host one of three events sponsored by the 2015 Nutter Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series. The event will take place at Northeastern University School of Law, 240 Dockser Hall, on March 20, 2015, at 1:30 p.m.

According to Sarah Turano-Flores, chair of the law firm’s Diversity and Inclusion Action Committee, the Northeastern proposal, Reclaiming Our Lineage: Organized Queer, Gender-Nonconforming and Transgender Resistance, "greatly impressed our committee members and … fits squarely within our goals of promoting opportunities for the greater understanding of issues related to diversity and inclusion throughout the Boston legal community.”

The event, co-sponsored by Black & Pink — an open family of LGBTQ prisoners and “free world” allies who support each other — will feature three speakers: Reina Gossett, a black trans activist; Rev. Jason Lydon, founder of Black & Pink; and Professor Gabriel Arkles of Northeastern University School of Law.

"This event means the world to me, highlighting the work that Reina Gossett has done for our community, and promoting the fact that Northeastern University School of Law values the lives of transgender people of color," said Kyle Rapiñan '15, a co-faciliator of QUiRR and organizer of the event.

Making Diversity a Priority at Nutter 

Nutter's efforts are led by its Diversity and Inclusion Committee -- composed of both current and former members of our Executive, Legal Personnel and Hiring Committees and associates. Recognizing that diversity enriches us as individuals and as a firm, the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is committed to: 

  • Setting firm-wide expectations for an inclusive culture 
  • Supporting recruitment and retention efforts that focus on traditionally underrepresented groups 
  • Learning from and applying best practices of other institutions and industries 
  • Measuring the firm’s successes and shortcomings, consistently assessing the Committee’s own impact 
  • Challenging the status quo when necessary 
  • Communicating the Committee’s mission, the action it requires, and the success it promises

About Northeastern University School of Law

The nation’s leader in experiential legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law offers the longest-running, most extensive experience-based legal education program in the country and is a national leader in legal education reform. Founded with cooperative legal education as the cornerstone of its program, Northeastern guarantees its students an unparalleled full year of practical legal work. All students participate in four, full-time legal placements, and can choose from the more than 900 employers worldwide participating in the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. The future of legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law blends theory and practice, providing students with a unique set of skills and experience to successfully practice law.