03.03.14 — Professor Martha F. Davis and Visiting Professor Margaret Drew ’80 are editors of a new blog, Human Rights at Home, which is a member of the popular Law Professor Blogs network.  

Over the past two decades, domestic US law has become more intertwined than ever with international human rights norms. Courts and legislatures are increasingly confronting human rights arguments, and government actors from the local to the federal level are increasingly active in the development of those norms internationally. Law professors not only study these developments but may also participate in them, often acting as human rights advocates or catalysts for change. Law professors also engage students in human rights analysis and advocacy efforts through law school clinics, research projects and classroom readings. This blog will serve as a forum for exchanging information and insights relevant to all of the many ways in which law professors and scholars are active in this area, from teaching to advocacy to scholarship. 

Katherine Schulte, supervising attorney in the law school's Domestic Violence Institute, and Mariah McGill '09, assistant director of the Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy, serve as blog co-editors, along with 15 other academics from around the country.  

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