05.07.13 —  The New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement has just published a symposium to honor "In Our Name: A Play on the Torture Years," by Northeastern University School of Law Matthews Distinguished Professor Michael Meltsner. Thejournal sponsored a performance of the play, followed by a panel discussion, on September 21, 2012, at the Boston University Playwrights’ Theatre.

"In Our Name" offers a searing depiction of how and why the United States government found itself brutally treating the men it detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention center after 9/11. Symposium authors include Stephen Oleskey, counsel in the leading case of Boumedience v Bush, retired Rear Admiral and Navy Judge Advocate General John Hutson, and prominent national security law scholars, Victor Hansen, Bradley Wendel and Elizabeth Wilson.

Hansen, a longtime judge advocate general, wrote that the great “value of the play is its unflinching focus on how the legal opinions that allowed enhanced interrogation techniques, and in some cases, torture, played out on the ground by those responsible for actually implementing  those legal opinions.”

In January, Dean Jeremy Paul hosted a performance of "In Our Name" at Northeastern.