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News 2013

News and Events Archive
  • Jordan Payne '15 Wins National Law Review's Student Competition

    Jordan Payne's essay, "Conceiving Real Protection: Paternalistic Surrogacy Laws & The Necessity of Massachusetts Legislation that Appropriately Protects the Gestational Surrogate," takes the top prize in the NLR's Winter 2014 Student Legal Writing Contest. (more)

  • Abortion Clinic Buffer Zones’ Fate in Hands of High Court

    "You have a situation where there has been violence, and this has put an end to that," Professor Martha Davis tells The Boston Globe. (more)

  • Tribute to Madiba: A Smile that Called for Transformation

    Professor Hope Lewis' public tribute to Nelson Mandela in the wake of his death on December 5, 2013. Professor Lewis served as a TransAfrica Research Fellow from 1986 to 1988 and was involved in protests and other organizing efforts that led to the congressional override of the Anti-Apartheid Act of 1986 (imposing U.S. sanctions on that regime over President Reagan's veto). Since then, she has worked with TransAfrica on a variety of South Africa-related projects, including Mr. Mandela's first visit to the United States in 1990 after his release from prison. (more)

  • Senate Confirms McCafferty Appointment to Federal Bench

    Landya McCafferty '91 will serve a lifetime appointment as a federal judge on the US District Court for New Hampshire. (more)

  • Ahmed Winner in AALS New Voices in Gender Studies Competition

    The American Association of Law Schools New Voices in Gender Studies competition has awarded its top prize to Professor Aziza Ahmed. (more)

  • NuLawLab Looks to Bridge Justice Gap

    Dan Jackson ’97, executive director of NuLawLab, tells news@northeastern that the lab will build on the NUSL’s long­standing commitment to social justice. (more)

  • Why Young People Are Rejecting Law School

    In The National Law Journal, Dean Jeremy Paul writes: "The reason to become a lawyer is because you love it. And one reason to love it is the thrill of solving problems, helping people work together, and contributing to a society in which justice is of preeminent value." (more)

  • Josh Zakim '09 Elected to Boston City Council!

    Josh Zakim '09 tells news@northeastern that he is excited to be part of a new chapter in Boston politics. (more)

  • Emily Rochon '13 Named the First Public Interest Fellow with Boston Community Capital

    At Boston Community Capital, Emily works on state and federal public policy issues related to clean energy and she is helping the organization develop a solar and energy business focused on low-income communities. (more)

  • Swanson's Forthcoming Book Explores Contemporary Debates in the Use of Body Parts

    It's not out in print yet but you can bank on a good read when Professor Kara Swanson's "Banking on the Body: Market in Blood, Milk, and Sperm in Modern America" hits the book stores in early 2014! (more)

  • Senate Confirms NLRB Nominee Richard Griffin '81

    The US Senate has confirmed Richard Griffin '81 as counsel to the National Labor Relations Board. (more)

  • Abrams’ Latest Book Provides Insider’s Perspective on Arbitration

    Professor Roger Abrams’ latest book, Inside Arbitration: How an Arbitrator Decides Labor and Employment Cases, candidly explains what goes on in the mind of an arbitrator throughout the arbitration process. (more)

  • Sports Law & Fenway Park

    Hit a home run this summer with a sports law course that includes a private tour of Fenway Park, meetings with top-level Red Sox executives and tickets to Red Sox games. This for-credit class (and others) are available to students who have completed a first year at an ABA-approved law school as well as practitioners who want to audit this extraordinary course. Find out more about NUSL Summer now! (more)

  • Save the Date!

    Celebrate and participate in Alumni/ae Weekend October 18 - 19, 2013. Catch up with friends, colleagues and faculty. Celebrating the milestone reunions of '53,'73,'78, '83, '88, '93, '98, '03 and '08. Find out more now! (more)

  • Student Reports on UN's Human Rights Committee Actions

    Student Kirsten Blume on co-op with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty, reports from Geneva on her participation in the UN's Human Rights Committee's review of US compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. (more)

  • 1933 Louisiana Lynching Receiving New Scrutiny

    The Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, directed by Professor Margaret Burnham, is featured in The Advocate. (more)

  • You Could Look It Up

    What does legal education really teach? Read Dean Jeremy Paul's answer in preLaw magazine. (more)

  • Not So Fast, Senator! How to Really Solve The Student-Loan Debt Crisis

    In the HuffPost, Professor Dan Austin takes on Senator Elizabeth Warren and proposes reducing the amount the government lends for higher education by half over the next 20 years. (more)

  • Graduating with Debt: Student Loans Under the Bankruptcy Code

    Student loan debt in the US exceeds $1.1 trillion — more than any other type of consumer debt except for mortgage loans — while new education lending continues at an explosive pace. In his latest book, Professor Daniel Austin offers expert knowledge to enable bankruptcy and consumer credit professionals to assist clients in dealing with student loan debt. (more)

  • Breaking Down the Cost of the 2013 Red Sox Season

    In conversation with Emily Rooney on WGBH, Professor Roger Abrams talks about team costs, such as David Ortiz making about $483,333 per home run. (more)

  • The Future of Equal Rights in America

    Daynard lecturer Sharon Eubanks, who served as lead counsel in the largest civil RICO enforce­ment action ever filed, United States v. Philip Morris, says, “In today’s world to advance equality for all, actions can’t take place only in lit­i­ga­tion. There must be other forms of advo­cacy.” (more)

  • Annual Labor and Employment Program

    Join us on December 5 for two panel discussions focused on Implicit Bias and Public Sector Collective Bargaining Agreements. Networking reception follows. (more)

  • Center for Health, Environment & Justice Appoints Sessa as Chairman

    Professor Peter Sessa, head of the law school's Community Business Clinic, has been appointed chairman of a national organization that provides organizing and technical assistance to grassroots community groups in the environmental health and justice movement. (more)

  • LLM Class More than Doubles in Size

    The School of Law's LLM program, launched in 2012-2013, heads into its second year with more than double the class size and new opportunities for specialization. (more)

  • Is Cyanide in Its Autumn Hours? Greener Gold and the International Implications of a Romanian Ban on Cyanide

    On co-op in Bucharest, Adam Cernea Clark '14 writes in the HuffPost, "Now over two weeks into ongoing protests that give no indication of subsiding, the major political actors in Romania struggle to deal with an increasingly larger and more vocal segment of the population." (more)

  • Tomorrow's Lawyers a Compelling Read for Today's Attorney

    In Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Dean Jeremy Paul reviews Professor Richard Susskind's latest book. (more)

  • Legal Tools to Stop Junk Food Marketing to Children

    Cara Wilking, of our Public Health Advocacy Institute, is interviewed on the HuffPost about the role of state consumer protection laws in limiting unfair and deceptive food marketing to children. (more)

  • Should It Take 2 Or 3 Years To Earn A Law Degree?

    National Public Radio's Tovia Smith talks to Professor Roger Abrams about President Obama's suggestion that students could take bar exam after two years of coursework. (more)

  • "Terrorism is Part of Our History": Angela Davis on ’63 Church Bombing, Growing up in "Bombingham"

    World-renowned author, activist and scholar Angela Davis speaks in Oakland, California, at an event organized by the law school's Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project. Check it out on Democracy Now! (more)

  • 50 Years Later: Commemorating the Birmingham Bombing

    Featuring spoken word, music, and special guests Angela Davis and Northeastern University School of Law Professor Margaret Burnham, Founder and Director of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project . (more)

  • Saving Roşia Montana from International Trade Law

    On co-op in Bucharest, Adam Cernea Clark '14 writes about recent protests in Romania. (more)

  • Northeastern University School of Law Sees Sustained Quality and Measured Growth in Incoming Class

    Northeastern University School of Law has defied national trends by welcoming a class that is 10 percent larger than last year. As many law schools this year have experienced reductions in class size, student quality, or both, Northeastern reported a modest increase in the number of students and maintained the school’s high academic standards and median LSAT and GPA scores. (more)

  • With All Due Respect, Mr. President

    In The American Lawyer, Dean Jeremy Paul and Professor William Henderson of the Maurer School of Law, argue that "Although two years may make sense for some students in some contexts, the real challenge is building a better model for educating lawyers." (more)

  • Bierman Talks to Radio Boston about NuLawLab

    Associate Dean Luke Bierman, faculty director of the law school's recently launched NuLawLab, talks to Radio Boston about how to teach and practice law in the 21st century. (more)

  • Start-ups Take on Tough Customers: Lawyers

    NUSL's NuLawLab gets a mention in the Boston Globe. (more)

  • How Bankruptcy Could Help Solve the Student Loan Crisis Student Loan Debt

    Professor Daniel Austin comments on Student Loan Debt in the Deseret News. (more)

  • Forget the Food: Fast Food Ads Aimed at Kids Feature Lots of Giveaways

    A new study by the law school's Public Health Advocacy Institute is featured in TIME! (more)

  • 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

    Special coverage of the the “Let Freedom Ring” commemoration on the National Mall in Washington with guest commentator, Professor Margaret Burnham. (more)

  • A Nation-Creating Moment: Remembering The March On Washington

    On WBUR's Cognoscenti, Professor Margaret Burnham writes, "Those of us who gathered on the Washington Mall 50 years ago felt the winds of change at our backs." (more)

  • PHAI Report Suggests industry’s Efforts to Self-Regulate Its Marketing Practices are Ineffective

    Fast-food companies emphasize toy giveaways and movie tie-ins rather than food products when marketing to kids on television, which suggests that industry is not abiding by its self-regulatory pledges for child-directed marketing, according to a study co-authored by the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth and the Public Health Advocacy Institute at Northeastern University School of Law. (more)

  • How Best To Spend The Detroit Institute of Arts' 15 Minutes of Fame

    In a Huffington Post blog, Professor Michael Bennett writes, "The DIA and its collection are now genuine celebrity figures." (more)

  • Holes in the Safety Net — Legal Immigrants' Access to Health Insurance

    In an article in The New England Journal of Medicine, Professor Wendy Parmet writes, "Public policies that deny legal immigrants equal access to public insurance programs leave lawful residents and their health care providers unnecessarily vulnerable when injuries and illness strike." (more)

  • Northeastern University School of Law Launches Innovation Lab

    Northeastern University School of Law announced today the establishment of NuLawLab — the first US law school innovation laboratory with full-time staff focused exclusively on cultivating visionary new approaches to transform legal education, the legal profession, and the delivery of legal services. (more)

  • Twelve Grads and Professor Celebrated as Massachusetts “Top Women of Law”

    Northeastern University School of Law tops Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly “Top Women of Law” event this year with twelve honorees — more than any other law school in the commonwealth. (more)

  • Rachel Tritter '14 Awarded ABI Medal of Excellence

    Rachel Tritter '14 has received the American Bankruptcy Institute's 2013 Medal of Excellence. (more)

  • Naïve Whistleblower or "High-​​Tech Terrorist?"

    Professor Mike Melstner answers news@Northeastern questions about the Bradley Manning conviction for espionage, theft and computer fraud. (more)

  • We Can Fight This Feeling: The Loss of Cory Monteith and How We Can Prevent Future Overdose Fatalities

    In a Huffington Post piece, Professor Leo Beletsky writes, "Motheith's death is part of a nationwide epidemic that has quietly climbed the charts of America's top killers: drug overdoses now claim more lives than motor vehicle accidents." (more)

  • Northeastern Expands LLM Program to Include Health Policy and Law

    The School of Law's dynamic LLM program expands this year to offer a specialization in health policy and law. (more)

  • As Nelson Mandela Turns 95, Boston Celebrates His Legacy

    Professor Margaret Burnham, who was selected by Nelson Mandela to help South Africa transition to democratic rule, talks to Boston's NPR news station about his legacy. (more)

  • Artificial Organs in the New Gilded Age

    "More and more, our society at large resembles nothing so much as the arrangement of classes defining the experience of contemporary air travel. Will you be able to afford an economy class liver? Perhaps a business class model," wonder Professor Michael Bennett in Slate. (more)

  • The Justice System's Role In The Death Of Trayvon Martin

    On WBUR's Cognoscenti, Professor Margaret Burnham writes, "If he had been a girl, or a white male, he would not be dead today. And that is where our system, which some claim to be 'the best in the world,' is not good enough." (more)

  • Abortion Clinics And Buffer Zones

    Professor Martha Davis talks to WBUR's Radio Boston about the US Supreme Court's decision to reconsider the constitutionality of a 2007 Massachusetts law that bars protests within 35 feet of abortion clinic entrances, exits and driveways. The justices agreed to hear an appeal from abortion opponents who want the law thrown out, saying it violates their free speech rights. (more)

  • Professor Emerita Judy Brown to Receive Prestigious Lelia Robinson Award

    Named for the first woman admitted to the Massachusetts bar, the Lelia J. Robinson Award has been presented by the WBA since 1994 to recognize women who, like Robinson, have captured the spirit of pioneering in the legal profession and have made a difference in the community. The ceremony will take place on November 12 at the Copley Marriott Hotel. (more)

  • Ahmed Delivers Keynote at International AIDS Conference

    Professor Aziza Ahmed delivers the keynote speech at the 7th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (more)

  • NU Law Journal Launches Online Edition

    Check out Extra Legal, a new online journal offering cutting-edge persepctives on practical and academic legal issues. Published by the Northeastern University Law Journal, Extra Legal articles are much shorter than the NULJ's print publications, but are published more frequently. (more)

  • Mary Bonauto '87, Gay Marriage Hero

    "On this historic day, the legal architect of the DOMA repeal should not be forgotten," reports Slate. (more)

  • Davis Talks to Law360 About Impact of Prop. 8 on Standing

    Despite the potential limitations placed on appellate review by the high court’s ruling, it is nonetheless unlikely that the Hollingsworth decision will derail the ballot measure process, Professor Martha Davis tells Law360. (more)

  • Parmet Quoted on Law360 about Gay Marriage Rulings

    "Seen in conjunction with yesterday's decision invalidating the key enforcement provision of the [Voting Rights Act], as well as its affirmative action decision last week, it becomes clear that the current Supreme Court is in the process of significantly changing our understanding of equal protection," says Parmet. (more)

  • Law360 Features Comments by Paul and Davis on Affirmative Action Ruling

    Dean Jeremy Paul and Professor Martha Davis provide expert commentary on the Supreme Court's decision that the University of Texas at Austin failed to prove its race-conscious admissions process satisfied strict constitutional standards. (more)

  • USAID v. AOSI: A Victory for Sex Workers and Feminist Allies

    "The outcome moves the U.S. government closer towards accomplishing the goal of eradicating HIV by bringing its policies in line with its goals rather than undermining itself," writes Professor Aziza Ahmed in the Huffington Post. (more)

  • Beyond the Anti-Prostitution Pledge: The Public Health Buck Does Not Stop Here

    In the Huffington Post, Professor Leo Beletsky writes, "Now is the time to galvanize the momentum from the Supreme Court ruling to force a re-examination of these outdated and misguided provisions in light of public health science rather than political expediency." (more)

  • Bloomberg TV Talks to Professor Emerita Clare Dalton

    Professor Emerita Clare Dalton talks with Bloomberg Law's Spencer Mazyck about her transition from being a law professor at Harvard Law School and Northeastern University School of Law to practicing alternative medicine. (more)

  • Can You Put a Price Tag on Your Health?

    Professor Brook Baker talks to the Asia Pacific Forum about "Generic Drug War: Global South vs. Big Pharma." Take a listen! (more)

  • Bennett Talks to the Financial Times

    Professor Michael Bennett talks to the Financial Times about the Supreme Court's "Myriad" decision. (more)

  • Unpaid No More: Interns Win Major Court Battle

    Professor Roger Abrams talks to NPR's Tovia Smith about a federal court ruling that interns must be paid. (more)

  • "Myriad" Reason to Check Out Professor Michael Bennett on USA Today!

    Professor Michael Bennett comments on the issues involved in the Supreme Court's decision that human genes cannot be patented. (more)

  • Meltsner on The Takeaway

    Listen to what Professor Michael Meltsner has to say about " Major Companies Accused of Racial Discrimination" on The Takeaway with John Hockenberry. (more)

  • How The Law School Where I'm An Associate Dean Justifies Its Existence

    In Business Insider, Associate Dean Luke Bierman says "the challenges facing us are no different from those facing many other contemporary industries." (more)

  • Deciding Death

    In a HuffPost opinion piece, Professor Mike Meltsner writes, "The real question raised by the contemporary death penalty is not whether some convicted killers deserve it — it's a common human response that they do — but whether society does." (more)

  • Law School Documentary Takes Gold Award

    “The Trouble I’ve Seen,” a short documentary film featuring the work of the School of Law’s Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, has won the Gold Award in the News and Research Videos category of the international CASE Circle of Excellence Awards Program. (more)

  • Law Student Fights for Guest Workers’ Rights

    Stephanie Gharakhanian spent nearly three months on co-op in Mexico City at ProDESC, a non­govern­mental orga­ni­za­tion that defends the eco­nomic, social and cul­tural rights of under­rep­re­sented workers and commu­ni­ties in Mexico. (more)

  • Law Graduates Urged to Protect the Future of the Legal System

    In a com­mence­ment cer­e­mony on May 24 at Matthews Arena, peers, pro­fes­sors and public fig­ures chal­lenged more than 200 grad­u­ating stu­dents from the School of Law to shape the future of the legal system and take pro­fes­sional risks for the sake of justice. (more)

  • Hackney Appointed Associate Dean for Entrepreneurial Programs and Research Support

    Professor James Hackney will assume responsibility for pairing the teaching and research missions of the law school with new markets and new sources of external funding. (more)

  • Advancing Human Rights in Patient Care: The Law in Seven Transitional Countries

    Professor Leo Beletsky is lead author of the first comparative over­view — funded by the Open Society Foundation — of legal norms, practice cannons and procedures for addressing rights in health care in seven transitional countries. (more)

  • Abrams’ New Book Takes on Sports and Politics

    Professor Roger Abrams’ latest book, Playing Tough: The World of Sports and Politics, looks at the critical role that sports have played in politics and history. (more)

  • In Washington, Northeastern Honors Mo Cowan '94

    US Sen. Elizabeth Warren spoke at a reception for fellow senator Mo Cowan on May 15 in Washington, DC. The event, attended by more than 400 people, was hosted by President Joseph E. Aoun and Dean Jeremy Paul. (more)

  • No Clear Targets For Civil Suits In Marathon Bombings

    "I think it would be darn hard to get a jury to find liability here,” Professor Steve Subrin tells WBUR in regard to potential Marathon Bombing civil suits against government agencies. (more)

  • NUSL Mourns the Loss of Professor Daniel Schaffer

    Professor Dan Schaffer, who joined the Northeastern law faculty in 1970, unexpectedly passed away on May 9, 2013. (more)

  • Meltsner’s Play Featured in New England Law Journal

    Professor Michael Meltsner ’s play, "In Our Name: A Play on the Torture Years," is featured in the winter 2013 issue of the New England Journal on Criminal and Civil Confinement. The journal hosted a symposium and production of the play in September 2012; the winter issue features articles by legal scholars and advocates addressing Meltsner's themes. (more)

  • Women in the Law Conference

    Please join us for dynamic panels and networking opportunities! (more)

  • Mass Lawyers Weekly Honors Grads as "Up and Coming"

    Four outstanding graduates of the law school will be honored this evening during Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly's celebration of "Excellence in the Law." (more)

  • Reception Honoring Senator Mo Cowan '94 on May 15

    Graduates in the Washington, DC, area are invited to join Northeastern President Joseph E. Aoun and Dean Jeremy Paul in celebrating the accomplishments of William ‘Mo’ Cowan ’94, Massachusetts' interim US Senator. (more)

  • Dean Paul and NUSL Get a Shout Out from the ABA Journal

    In the "New Normal" column, Paul Lippe points to Northeastern for its "strategic approach to legal training." (more)

  • Faculty Experts Reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombing

    Professors Daniel Medwed and Aziza Ahmed joined a panel of Northeastern University faculty to discuss issues raised by the bombing and the search for the per­pe­tra­tors, with a par­tic­ular focus on the motiva­tion for crime, the impor­tance of resilience, and the role of social media. (more)

  • Boston Tragedy Reveals the Need for Community-Based Counterterrorism Strategies

    In the Huffington Post, Professor Deborah Ramirez and Tara Lai Quinlan '04 call for community engagement in domestic counterterrorism efforts. (more)

  • The Role of Strategic Thinking in Legal Training

    In a co-written piece in the New York Law Journal, Dean Jeremy Paul says, "Educating future lawyers not just in the law but also in strategic thinking is essential to law firm management and in legal education moving forward." (more)

  • New Muslim Role in American Society

    Professor Aziza Ahmed quoted in Abu Dhabi's "The National" on Muslim role in US society. (more)

  • Ahmed Talks to MSNBC

    Professor Aziza Ahmed talks to Chris Hayes on "All In" about fighting the urge to profile in the wake of the Boston Marathon blasts. (more)

  • Hassan to Deliver Commencement Address

    New Hampshire Governor Margaret Hassan will deliver the keynote address at Northeastern University School of Law’s commencement on May 24, 2013, at 1 p.m. in Northeastern University University’s Matthews Arena. A 1985 graduate of the School of Law, Hassan was sworn into office in January 2013, with a promise to bring people together to build a stronger, more innovative New Hampshire. (more)

  • Why the Innocent Plead Guilty

    Professor Daniel Medwed delivered the 49th annual Robert D. Klein Lecture to a rapt audience in the Raytheon Amphitheater. “I believe in evo­lu­tion, not rev­o­lu­tion,” he explained, “and a handful of tar­geted, well-​​placed reforms could help pros­e­cu­tors realize this ideal.” (more)

  • Goldilocks and Legal Education

    "If three years is too long, and two years is too short, maybe two-and-a half years is just right," write Associate Dean Luke Bierman in the Huffington Post. (more)

  • Lalsa Moot Court Team’s Brief Earns Second Place

    Latin American Law Student Association (LALSA) team finishes in the top 8 for Overall Performance and take second place for Best Respondent’s Brief in the Uvaldo Herrera National Moot Court Competition, hosted by the Hispanic National Bar Association. (more)

  • A Strong Need for Civil Legal Assistance

    In The National Law Journal, Professor Martha Davis notes the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainright and says gaps in civil representation must be addressed. (more)

  • Northeastern Law is "Wicked Awesome!"

    Above the Law says we're the "most wicked awesome" law school in Boston. We certainly can't argue with that! (more)

  • Ever-Tighter US Abortion Limits Probe Boundary of Roe v. Wade

    “What will be interesting is whether by going this far, anti-abortion opponents in Arkansas have overplayed their hand,” Professor Wendy Parmet tells Bloomberg. (more)

  • Bierman Talks About the Future with "Educating Tomorrow's Lawyers"

    The University of Denver's initiative dedicated to advancing innovation in legal education, asks Associate Dean Luke Bierman about Northeastern's unrivaled experiential program. (more)

  • Obama Administration Fights Gay Marriage Ban

    Professor Martha Davis explains the poten­tial impact of the Justice Department's brief on the gay marriage case, which is sched­uled to be argued before the Supreme Court on March 26. (more)

  • Daynard Advocates "Stubbing Out Cigarettes for Good"

    In an op-ed in The New York Times, Professor Richard Daynard says we must push the smoking rate below 10 percent. "Banning smoking in restaurants, workplaces and bars was once seen as crazy, too. Sometimes, a little crazy goes a long way," writes Daynard. (more)

  • Two Grads Honored as "Leaders in the Law"

    Deborah Dean '86, General Counsel for Dassault Systemes Americas Corp., and Barbara Healy Smith '88, an Assistant US Attorney, will be honored by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, Rhode Island Lawyers Weekly and New England In-House at the prestigious "Leaders in the Law" event on March 7. (more)

  • In the ABA's "New Normal," Paul Says Law Schools Must Tackle Challenges

    In an opinion piece, Dean Jeremy Paul writes, "The best legal education will be built on enlisting students, faculties, and the entire profession. The rest is just commentary." (more)

  • Ortiz Under Fire

    Professor Daniel Medwed talks to WBUR’s Morning Edition about Carmen Ortiz’s tenure as U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. (more)

  • All Classes Canceled

    Northeastern University is closed February 8 and 9, due to the weather. All updates are posted on the Emergency Information website at (more)

  • Mo Cowan '94 Appointed Interim US Senator

    William "Mo" Cowan '94, a senior adviser to Deval Patrick, has been named by the governor to serve as the interim US senator until a successor to John Kerry is chosen by voters in a June 25 special election. (more)

  • Gender Equality in the Military

    Professor Martha Davis talks to news@Northeastern about President Obama's historic decision lifting the ban on women in combat. (more)

  • Watch Now!

    Featuring the work of Northeastern University School of Law's Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, this short film follows the investigations by faculty and students of three harrowing civil rights cold cases. Narrated by Julian Bond, former chairman of the NAACP. (more)

  • Finally: A Time For Lawyers To Ask Questions When They Don't Know the Answers

    In a Huffington Post blog, Associate Dean Luke Bierman says law schools must "keep asking these bold questions and thinking outside the box." (more)

  • Read It Now!

    Check out the winter 2013 edition of Northeastern Law Magazine. With significant victories in the battle against HIV/AIDS celebrated over the past three decades, many forget there is still work to be done. (more)

  • Enrich Talks to Radio Boston about Governor's Budget

    Professor Peter Enrich gets into the specifics of Governor Patrick's proposed $34.8 billion spending plan for the next fiscal year. (more)

  • Confronting Our Legacy Of Racial Violence (With A Little Help From The President)

    On WBUR's Cognoscenti, Professor Margaret Burnham writes, "The task of sustaining and correcting national memories of an unpleasant past calls for national cultivation to rework an account that is tainted with silence and denial, while linking progressive change and social action to the creative resistance of the civil rights era." (more)

  • Toni Morrison: "Goodness" More Powerful Than Violence, Hate

    The legendary Toni Morrison brought her wit and wisdom to the law school for our Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project's celebration of Martin Luther King Day. “Evil and vio­lence take the stage — all of it. It needs so much to call our atten­tion,” Mor­rison said. “But good­ness doesn’t need any­thing. If it says any­thing at all, it’s a whisper.” (more)

  • Job Seekers With Criminal Record Face Higher Hurdles

    Professor Michael Meltsner, who 40 years ago spearheaded New York's legal standard protecting people with criminal records, talks to WNYC about challenges today. “The notion wasn’t that embezzlers should have a right to work in banks,” says Meltsner. “The focus of the law was on providing a remedy for those whose crime had nothing to do with their employment goals.” (more)

  • What’s next for Lance Armstrong?

    Professor Roger Abrams tells news@Northeastern that Lance Armstrong's “admis­sion against interest”—as lawyers refer to them—will alter the focus of the cases from “Did he do it?” to “What does his admis­sion actu­ally mean?” (more)

  • NUSL Lands Among “Top 5 Overlooked Law Schools”

    The School of Law has landed on Above the Law’s list of "Top Five Overlooked Law Schools." The designation is based on the influential legal blog’s recent national survey of 10,000 attorneys and law students. (more)

  • Boosting American Exports Around the World

    Lee Zak '82, head of the US Trade and Development Agency, talks to Bloomberg about her agency's role in doubling US exports. (more)