10.30.13 — Professor Roger Abrams’ latest book, Inside Arbitration: How an Arbitrator Decides Labor and Employment Cases, helps both lawyer and nonlawyer advocates with all levels of experience better understand the arbitration process from a seasoned arbitrator’s viewpoint and to improve their skills in using that process. It also provides insights that are useful for arbitrators in reviewing their own practices. Based in part on real questions submitted by practicing advocates, this book offers answers based on the author’s extensive experience as an arbitrator and the experiences of fellow arbitrators.

Parties who bring cases to arbitration must appreciate how neutrals actually decide disputes,” says Abrams. “This book offers advocates insight into the actual process of arbitral decision making.”

Inside Arbitration presents detailed information on issues such as:

  • Researching and selecting an arbitrator
  • Prehearing scheduling, conferences, and disclosures
  • Selecting and presenting witnesses
  • Preparing and presenting documentary evidence
  • How the arbitrator drafts an opinion
  • Drafting and submitting post-hearing briefs

In addition to his membership on the Northeastern faculty, Abrams
 is the permanent arbitrator at Walt Disney World, the Internal Revenue Service and the US Customs Service. He is an elected member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and the American Law Institute, a life member of the American Bar Foundation and a fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society. He also the author of six books on the business and history of sports.