More than 10,000 attorneys and law students responded to the ATL survey and rated their own law firm or law school. According to an ATL post about its survey findings: “This singular obsession with ‘prestige,’ this mindset that the most elite firms and schools are the only worthy ones, is detached from the experiences of the vast majority of lawyers practicing at the 50,000 other firms and the students at the 180+ other law schools.”

As the debate over the value of legal education continues, students and graduates of the Boston school told the ATL Insider Survey that NUSL’s pioneering model of hands-on legal experience has served them well. Northeastern has long been at the forefront of cooperative legal education, and also recently has taken the lead in convening a national alliance of legal educators from more than 80 law schools working to fully prepare students for a changing legal industry.

“NUSL has a really unique program that really allows you to explore different areas of the law and actually practice like a lawyer,” a graduate of the law school told ATL. “The program cannot be compared to anything else out there. It also has a strong emphasis on graduating attorneys who are socially conscious, which I think is important.”

The latest recognition for Northeastern comes as no surprise to Dean Jeremy R. Paul.

“Northeastern has a distinguished roster of legal scholars, and we have long provided our students solid groundwork on which to build their legal careers,” Dean Paul said. “In fact, when it comes to preparation for the realities of law practice, we’ve been ahead of the curve.  And we’re pleased to be recognized for the quality of education we are providing by the most important audience – our own students and graduates.”

The other four schools ATL recognized as worth a second look: Brooklyn Law School, Marquette University Law School, University of Missouri-Columbia Law School and Tulane University Law School.

About Northeastern University School of Law
The nation’s leader in experiential legal education since 1968, Northeastern University School of Law offers the longest-running, most extensive experience-based legal education program in the country and is a national leader in legal education reform. Founded with cooperative legal education as the cornerstone of its program, Northeastern guarantees its students an unparalleled full year of practical legal work. All students participate in four, full-time legal placements, and can choose from the more than 900 employers worldwide participating in the school’s signature Cooperative Legal Education Program. The future of legal education for the past 45 years, Northeastern University School of Law blends theory and practice, providing students with a unique set of skills and experience to successfully practice law.