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  • Getting An Unexpected, Close Up Look At Border Security

    Professor Daniel Medwed talks about border searches with WBUR reporter Steve Brown, who was detained, handcuffed and interrogated when he tried to enter the US after a brief vacation in Canada. (more)

  • US Secretary of Labor Names Professor Emily Spieler to Chair New Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee

    Spieler to lead 15-member committee focused on ways to improve the fairness, efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s whistleblower protection program. (more)

  • Maggie Hassan '85 Elected Governor of New Hampshire!

    Maggie Hassan '85 tells news@Northeastern that her law school edu­ca­tion, including her co-op expe­ri­ences, will serve her well in leading the Granite State. (more)

  • Here, There and Everywhere: Northeastern Law Graduates Defy Stereotype

    The Outcomes Assessment Project (OAP) has released data on where Northeastern University School of Law graduates work, by region and practice area. (more)

  • Rolland Talks Trade on WGBH

    As part of WGBH's "30 Issues in 30 Days" election coverage, host Philip Martin asks Professor Sonia Rolland, author of "Development at the WTO," about what role trade should play in deciding the election. (more)

  • Princeton Review Says NUSL Has Most Liberal Law Students reports on forward thinking students at Northeastern who care deeply about public interest law. (more)

  • Professor Rachel Rosenbloom to Deliver MIT Symposium Keynote

    What is citizenship and how is it affected by race and gender? Immigration expert Rachel Rosenbloom to deliver keynote at MIT's "Border Crossing: Citizenship, Race and Gender." (more)

  • NUSL Student Meets with Vice President Biden to Discuss LGBT Issues

    Kyle Rapinan was among a select group of LGBT young leaders invited to meet with the Vice President, senior Obama Administration officials, leaders of national LGBT organizations, and campus and community leaders from all over the country. (more)

  • PHRGE Senior Fellow Maria Green Selected for Fulbright Distinguished Chair

    Maria Green, a visiting scholar with Northeastern University School of Law's Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy, has been awarded the 2012-2013 Fulbright Distinguished Chair in International Human Rights at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law at Lund University. (more)

  • Jeffrey Coots '13 Receives Albert Schweitzer Fellowship for 2012-2013

    Jeffrey will spend the next year addressing healthcare disparities in underserved communities. (more)

  • OAP Announces NUSL Distinctive in Practice Setting

    The Outcomes Assessment Project (OAP) has released data demonstrating Northeastern law graduates are distinctive for their high rates of working in the public interest and public service sectors. (more)

  • The Boston Globe Reports on NUSL Panel on ACA

    The Medicaid decision may have big ramifications, Wendy Parmet, associate dean for academic affairs at Northeastern University School of Law, said during a panel discussion last week. (more)

  • Professor Wendy Parmet Questions Medicaid Expansion in The National Law Journal

    The Supreme Court's Medicaid expansion ruling gives little guidance on which federal programs will be viewed as unduly coercive. (more)

  • Professor Rachel Rosenbloom in The Boston Globe on Obama's New Immigration Policy

    Young immigrants crushed to miss deadline for reprieve. (more)

  • Environmental Law Society Receives Prestigious ABA Award

    Student group to receive Law Student Environment, Energy, and Resources Program of the Year Award from the American Bar Association Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources. (more)

  • US Judge Rules Netflix Subject to Disability Act

    “Online is a place,” Professor Wendy Parmet tells The Boston Globe. “Virtual spaces are spaces.” (more)

  • PHAI Calls for FTC Investigation of Marketing in "Madagascar 3"

    The law school's Public Health Advocacy Institute says Merck’s Madagascar 3-themed marketing campaign for Claritin pediatric allergy medication is "unfair, deceptive and unacceptable." (more)

  • Five Women, Five Amazing Stories!

    Watch the amazing women of NUSL talk about their careers and aspirations in this video produced for Women in the Law 2012! (more)

  • MBA Report Hails NUSL Co-op Program as “Enviable” Model

    In “Beginning the Conversation,” a Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA) report released on May 17, 2012, Northeastern University School of Law’s Cooperative Legal Education Program is singled out for “maximizing … potential post-graduate employers unlike students at other law schools.” The intent of the report is to “explore the growing problem of underemployment among many of today’s law graduates in Massachusetts.” (more)

  • MBA Report Calls NUSL Co-op Program "Enviable"

    On National Public Radio's "All Things Considered," the author of a Massachusetts Bar Association report on lawyer underemployment and remedies at the law school level, says NUSL's co-op program is "fantastic." (more)

  • Four Incoming Law Students Awarded Prestigious Scholarships

    The School of Law has awarded full-tuition Public Interest Law Scholarships to four incoming members of the class of 2015 who aspire to careers as legal champions for the underdog. The students plan careers in a wide range of human rights fields, including immigration, social work and advocacy for the poor. (more)

  • PHAI Attacks Gatorade's Michael Jordan Ad

    The law school's Public Health Advocacy Institute is asking the US government to yank a Gatorade ad that it says deceptively implies that basketball great Michael Jordan prevailed over the flu during a memorable 1997 game because he fueled with Gatorade. (more)

  • Meltsner Honored by John Jay

    CUNY's John Jay College of Criminal Justice will honor legendary civil rights advocate Professor Mike Meltsner with an honorary Doctor of Laws at the school's commencement on May 31 in New York City. (more)

  • Posthumous Profiling? Puzzling Pieces Abound in the Trayvon Martin Case

    "There seems to be no end to the proliferation of puzzling information in the wake of the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin," write Professor Deborah Ramirez and Tara Lai Quinlan '04 in The Huffington Post. (more)

  • The Health Law Hearings on Severability, Coercion, and Liberty

    In a Boston Globe blog, Professor Wendy Parmet says, "The Justices do not have to take an all-or-nothing approach regarding the severability of the mandate (assuming it is found unconstitutional)." (more)

  • Professor Deborah Ramirez: Congressional Testimony in Trayvon Martin Case

    Read Professor Ramirez's comments in full, delivered to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, on March 27, 2012. (more)

  • Ramirez Heads to Hill To Testify in Martin Case

    Racial profiling expert Deborah Ramirez testifies before US House Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties in regard to racial profiling in the Trayvon Martin case. (more)

  • Understanding the Supreme Court's Review of the Affordable Health Care Act

    Tune in this week for Professor Wendy Parmet's daily blog on's "White Coat Notes." (more)

  • Health Care Battle Focuses on Mass. Model

    “No state can be a health care island,’’ Wendy Parmet tells the Boston Globe. (more)

  • Parmet Triumphs at SJC

    Professor Wendy Parmet leads Health Law Advocates team in landing a victory for legal immigrants in Massachusetts who sued because they were excluded from subsidized health coverage. (more)

  • NU Law Journal Newsletter

    The winter 2012 edition of the NU Law Journal's newsletter is now available online. (more)

  • Dean Search Underway

    Northeastern University seeks an engaged and entrepreneurial leader for the position of dean of the School of Law. This is an extraordinary opportunity to lead a school that is a national and international leader in experiential legal education with a particular focus on law as a tool for the furtherance of social justice. (more)

  • “Soda and Tobacco Industry Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns: How Do They Compare?”

    PHAI staff co-author article in PLoS Medicine calling for health advocates to organize strong public health campaigns to educate the public and policymakers about the dangers of both sugary beverages and the misleading industry corporate social responsibility campaigns that distract from their products’ health risks. (more)

  • Bierman Talks about Law Schools on HuffPost Live

    Associate Dean Luke Bierman offers new ideas during a national conversation about the future of legal education. (more)

  • Deconstructing the Law School Deconstructionists

    "Jobless graduates are a grave concern to legal educators, and their heightened numbers warrant serious attention. Unfortunately, the consideration being paid is more often superficial than serious," says Associate Dean Luke Bierman says in the Huffington Post. (more)

  • Time Looks to Beletsky as Expert on Preventable Overdose

    In an article about preventing overdose through the use of the antidote naloxone, Time talks to Professor Leo Beletksy, lead author of a related article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. (more)

  • In JAMA Article, Beletsky Calls for Federal Measures to Combat Preventable Overdose Deaths

    In the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association, Professor Leo Beletsky and two MDs call for urgent federal measures to combat preventable overdose deaths involving opioid drugs like Oxycontin. (more)

  • Leaders from 32 States Develop Plans for Innovative Curriculum Changes at Inaugural National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law

    At the first National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law, held at Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL), representatives from 80 legal institutions including Harvard, Cornell and the University of California at Berkeley, identified programmatic and innovative initiatives for the coming year to provide law students with more practical, hands-on legal training. (more)

  • Frank Lombardi '88 Elected to Rhode Island State Senate!

    Frank Lombardi triumphs in hotly contested race for District 26 State Senate seat. (more)

  • Maggie Hassan '85 Elected Governor of New Hampshire!

    Maggie Hassan, a former New Hampshire state senate majority leader, has been elected to gubernatorial office. Hassan’s campaign stressed the need to repair damage done by the Republican legislature in its last budget, particularly by restoring deep cuts to public colleges and the state’s hospitals. She said the way to grow the economy is to invest in education so business has the workforce it needs. (more)

  • Maggie Hassan ’85 Elected Governor of New Hampshire, Other Graduates Take State Senate Seats

    Northeastern law graduates triumph in 2012 elections in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. (more)

  • Mike Barrett '77 Elected to Massachusetts State Senate

    Mike Barrett takes the 3rd Middlesex State Senate Seat! (more)

  • Northeastern Law Among Top 10 Most Diverse Law Schools

    Northeastern University School of Law has been named among The National Jurist’s top 10 “Most Diverse Law Schools.” NUSL came in 9th in The National Jurist’s inaugural survey. The magazine evaluated all of the nation’s American Bar Association-accredited law schools based on the racial diversity of both faculty and students. (more)

  • Drug Lab Scandal: What Did Prosecutors Know?

    On WBUR's Cognoscenti, Professor Daniel Medwed calls for fundamental changes in the relationship between prosecutors and forensic scientists. (more)

  • Parmet and Dukakis on Cognoscenti

    Professors Wendy Parmet and Michael Dukakis offer "Advice to the Next President: The Future of 'Obamacare'" on WBUR's new website, Cognoscenti, Thinking That Matters. (more)

  • Northeastern University Open on October 30

    Northeastern University will be open on Tuesday, October 30. (more)

  • All Classes Canceled on October 29 Due to Hurricane Sandy

    Northeastern University will be closed and all classes will be canceled on Monday, October 29. All updates are posted on the Emergency Information website at (more)

  • Change in Store for Red Sox Nation?

    Professor Roger Abrams talks to WGBH's Emily Rooney about John Farrell, newly named manager of the Red Sox. (more)

  • Experience the Future: Inaugural National Symposium on Experiential Education in Law

    Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL) and the Alliance for Experiential Learning will bring together educators, practitioners, judges and students from throughout the country this Friday to discuss the future of legal education, and how best to prepare law graduates to serve their clients and the public interest in a complex global environment. (more)

  • The Time for Legal Educators to Be Bold

    In a New York Law Journal article, Associate Dean Luke Bierman says law schools can and should be laboratories to experiment with new approaches to legal education. (more)

  • Corporate Counsel Magazine Features Northeastern as Innovator in Training Lawyers

    Northeastern's "long tradition" of hands-on training is hailed in article about how law schools nationwide are finally "beginning to offer courses that prepare students for in-house careers—often by serving up real-life challenges." (more)

  • Justice in New England

    In a opinion piece, Professor Daniel Medwed says it's easy to take "potshots" at criminal justice issues in the South, but "in New England, it is not entirely clear that we do it better." (more)

  • 3Qs: A Conversation with Dean Paul

    Jeremy Paul, the School of Law’s new dean, is a highly accom­plished legal scholar with exten­sive expe­ri­ence in the prac­tice set­ting and a strong pro­po­nent of legal edu­ca­tion that inte­grates theory and prac­tice. Here, he explains how North­eastern can build on its long­standing com­mit­ment to expe­ri­en­tial edu­ca­tion and social justice. (more)

  • Eight Grads and Professor Celebrated as Massachusetts "Top Women of Law"

    Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly is honoring eight Northeastern University School of Law graduates and Matthews Distinguished University Professor Wendy Parmet as "Top Women of Law." (more)

  • Northeastern Law Teams Sweeps First Place Awards at Northeast Regional Mediation Tournament

    Northeastern law students swept the first place awards in all four individual and team categories at the Northeast Regional Mediation Tournament held in September. Northeastern entered two teams in the competition and every student on both teams garnered both team and individual awards. (more)

  • Meltsner Says Access to Doctors' Notes Aids Patients' Treatment

    In an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Professor Michael Meltsner applauds results of OpenNotes study, an effort to improve doctor-patient communication by letting patients know everything their doctor has to say about them, including after a visit. The study has received widespread attention in the national press. (more)

  • Northeastern Law Website in in the Top 20

    WorldWideLearn, an online educational resource, says the Northeastern law website is among "20 Law School Websites That Set the Bar High." (more)

  • Roger Abrams on Greater Boston

    Professor Roger Abrams talks to Greater Boston's Emily Rooney about the NFL referee lockout. (more)

  • Medwed Talks to NPR About Crime Lab Scandal

    Professor Daniel Medwed talks to NPR's Tovia Smith about the "rogue chemist" who may have mishandled evidence in as many as 40,000 cases over 10 years. (more)

  • Bhattacharyya Takes Second Place in National Competition

    Arpita Bhattacharyya '13 has won second place in the 2012 IP Student Writing Competition, sponsored by Georgia State University College of Law. Her paper focused on "Inequitable Conduct and Information Disclosure to the Patent Office: Business as Usual after Therasense and Supplemental Examination." (more)

  • "Bad Math" or "Bold Leadership?"

    Professor Peter Enrich examines the tax policies of President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney, both of whom say their plans will help put Americans back to work. (more)

  • Boston Business Journal Profiles Law Faculty Blogger Hope Lewis

    Professor Hope Lewis has been blogging since 2007 for “Intlawgrrls,” which serves as a place for women to express their views in international law. (more)

  • What the Apple-​​Samsung Ruling Means for Design Patents

    A jury in San Jose, Calif., recently found that Sam­sung Elec­tronics infringed on Apple’s patents, awarding the iPod man­u­fac­turer more than $1 bil­lion in dam­ages. Susan Bar­bieri Mont­gomery, exec­u­tive pro­fessor of law and busi­ness at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, expounds on a lesser-known form of intel­lec­tual prop­erty (IP): design-patent pro­tec­tion. (more)

  • Northeastern Welcomes First LLM Class

    Thirteen lawyers and judges from across the globe arrived this month for the inaugural year of Northeastern University School of Law's LLM program. (more)

  • Law Student Honored by American Association for Justice

    The AAJ's Women for Jus­tice Edu­ca­tion Fund has awarded Desiree Mitchell '13 a Mike Eidson schol­ar­ship in recognition of her body of work with clients in both civil and criminal cases. (more)

  • Law Student Re-Examines Inmate's 1948 Death

    Jessica Yamane’s quest for details of an Augusta man’s suspicious death 64 years ago is like piecing together fragments from a long-forgotten puzzle. (more)

  • When Painkillers Kill

    Professor Leo Beletsky comments on the threat posed by opioid anal­gesics, 22.9 mil­lion pre­scrip­tions of which were dis­pensed last year. (more)

  • International Trade Law and the World Trade Orga­ni­za­tion

    Professor Sonia Elise Rolland talks about the WTO’s probe into Chinese export polices on rare earth materials. (more)

  • White House and State Department Honor Ana Moraga '14

    The second-year law student was recognized as a Champion of Change for her work with at-risk Guatemalan women. (more)

  • Law School Co-Releases Report Documenting the Namibian Health Care System’s Maltreatment of Women Living with HIV

    Northeastern has co-released a report, “At the Hospital There Are No Human Rights,” documenting the Namibian health care system’s maltreatment of women living with HIV. The report was released during the International AIDS Conference, in Washington, DC, and is a joint product of Northeastern Law, the Namibian Women’s Health Network and Harvard Law School’s International Human Rights Clinic. (more)

  • Law Student on Fast Track to Help Underdogs

    Paige Walker '13 already has job offer from a co-op employer specializing in union and employment law. (more)

  • AAJ Honors Desiree Mitchell '13 with Scholarship

    The American Association for Justice has selected Desiree Mitchell '13 as one of two national scholarship recipients. The award recognizes female law students who are rising stars pursuing careers as a plaintiff's lawyer or criminal defense lawyer. The award will be presented on July 29, 2012. (more)

  • Are Hospitals Safe for Women Living with HIV?

    In openDemocracy, Professor Aziza Ahmed says there is no shortage of documentation regarding the struggle of women living with HIV to access basic care, support and treatment. There is however a dearth of remedies and of justice. (more)

  • Does the Punishment Fit the Crime at Penn State?

    Professor Roger Abrams comments on $60 million fine against Penn State in wake of child sex-abuse scandal. (more)

  • Jeremy Paul Appointed Dean of the School of Law

    Jeremy Paul, a highly accomplished legal scholar with extensive practical experience, will head the law school effective August 2012. (more)

  • New Perspectives on Alternative Careers: Anna Lawless '09

    The second in a series of blog posts shedding light on alternative career paths carved out by graduates since 2007. (more)

  • Professor Roger Abrams quoted in Estadao de S. Pauolo.

    What no one knows about FIFA. (more)

  • The Boston Business Journal Reports on Beth Myers' '09 Job Path

    "Beth Myers, an employment lawyer with Boston-based Rodgers, Powers & Schwartz LLP, has accomplished what many young lawyers have found to be a nearly impossible accomplishment in this job market: she secured a full-time job in her chosen practice area." (more)

  • Northeastern Law Magazine Honored with APEX Grand Award

    "Not in My Back Yard," the cover story in Northeastern Law Magazine's winter 2012 issue, was selected as one of 100 Grand Award winners out of more than 3,300 entries in the APEX 24th annual Awards for Publication Excellence competition. (more)

  • The Supreme Court Upholds the Affordable Care Act: Northeastern Law Contributions and Commentary

    Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg cites an amicus brief co-authored by Professor Wendy Parmet. (more)

  • Professor Martha Davis Blogs for The Guardian on the Supreme Court's ACA Decision Martha Davis

    "If states opt out of Medicaid expansion, it will be the uninsured working poor who suffer." (more)

  • Mississippi May Become First US State With No Abortion Clinic

    Professor Wendy Parmet tells Bloomberg Businessweek: "Roe v. Wade said that women have a right to an abortion in the sense that a state can’t deny or criminalize it, but there was no guarantee of access.” (more)

  • Case Closed on Steroid Era in Baseball?

    Law professor Roger Abrams analyzes the repercussions of baseball great Roger Clemens’ acquittal of lying to Congress about steroid use. (more)

  • NU Awards Grants to Three Law Faculty

    Northeastern University has awarded three members of the School of Law faculty with grants to support a range of interdisciplinary research on the environment. The goal is developing research that responds to a national or societal need. (more)

  • Read Now!

    Check out the summer 2012 issue of Northeastern Law Magazine. A newly invigorate pro-worker movement might be just the lifeline labor needs. (more)

  • 3Qs: The Future of the Affordable Care Act

    "The actions of the Supreme Court will be less impor­tant than the actions of others in reshaping the health care system," Professor Kristin Madison tells news@Northeastern. "After all, if the Supreme Court upholds the health ​​care law, Con­gress could still repeal it; if the Supreme Court strikes down the law, Con­gress could re-enact it with rel­a­tively minor mod­i­fi­cations." (more)

  • National Law Journal Features New Alliance

    NUSL convenes group of 30 law schools to ensure law graduates are ready to join the legal profession with a full complement of skills and ethical and social values necessary to serve clients and the public interest, now and in the future. (more)

  • Federal Appeals Court Rules Defense of Marriage Act Unconstitutional

    Congratulations to Mary Bonauto '87, civil rights director for GLAD, and Maura Healey '98, chief of the Mass. AG's Public Protection and Advocacy Bureau, who argued this case! (more)

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

    If you missed commencement, watch it now! (more)

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

    More than 200 graduates earned their JDs today. Read all about it! (more)

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2012!

    Watch commencement now! (more)

  • Commencement 2012!

    Today is the Day! Tune in here at 1 p.m. to watch the keynote by Jacqueline Berrien and our other speakers address the class of 2012! (more)

  • Program on Health Policy and Law Awards Grants to Interdisciplinary Projects

    To celebrate its inaugural year, the Northeastern University Program on Health Policy and Law has awarded $20,000 in grants to four interdisciplinary research projects on health policy and law. (more)

  • Emily Spieler Honored for Service as School of Law Dean

    North­eastern Uni­ver­sity hosted a recep­tion on Wednesday to honor the ser­vice, ded­i­ca­tion and lead­er­ship of Emily Spieler. (more)

  • No Harm Done

    “Do no harm” is a well-​​known prin­ciple in the med­ical world. When it comes to law and public health, Pro­fessor Leo Beletsky thinks the same guide­lines should apply. (more)

  • Celebrating Intellectual Property and the Innovative Spirit

    The law school hosts a reception for World Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty Day, a global cel­e­bra­tion led by the World Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty Organization. Bill Silver, co-founder of Cognex, a leading man­u­fac­turer of machine vision sys­tems, soft­ware and sen­sors, was the fea­tured speaker at the event. (more)

  • Five Grads Selected for BBA Public Interest Leadership Program

    Staci Rubin ’10, Julia Devanthery ’09, Chris Saccardi ’08, Anjali Waikar ’05 and Raquel Webster '03 have been selected for a prestigious program designed to identify and develop the next generation of lawyer leaders. Only 14 attorneys were invited to attend the yearlong program. (more)

  • Northeastern Law Student Wins on Jeopardy!

    Doug Lloyd '12 bested the competition on a recent episode of the classic TV quiz show. “It’s always been a dream of mine to be on the show, and it was an even bigger dream to win,” said Lloyd, who plans to split his $14,400 in winnings between loan payments and his upcoming honeymoon. (more)

  • Law Students Argue Both Sides of Affordable Care Act

    Professor Martha Davis’ Constitutional Law class held its own mock appellate argument on the ACA case before the Supreme Court, focusing specifically on the individual mandate that requires all individuals to obtain health insurance. (more)

  • Mary Bonauto '87 Talks to NPR About Her Clients' DOMA Challenge

    For the first time, a Federal Appeals Court hears arguments about the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Seven married same-sex couples and three widowers are challenging the law, which prevents them from accessing federal spousal protections as other married couples can. (more)

  • Symposium Brings Issues to "Bully" Pulpit

    The Northeastern Law Journal hosts a symposium, “Pushed Too Far: The Evolving Legal Implications of School Bullying." (more)

  • NUSL Teams Place in Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition

    Two teams representing the School of Law's Intellectual Property Society competed in the Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition sponsored by the International Trademark Association (INTA) (more)

  • Law Team Takes First Place in RISE Expo

    In a competition involving more than 400 Northeastern University students, a team of law students takes first place for their exhibit, "Georgia Roots: Lives Lost to Lynching and the Ongoing Need for Restorative Justice." (more)

  • Health Care Reform: What Will the Court Do?

    "I think it's too close to call. I would not be surprised with a 5-4 or 6-3 decision going either way," Professor Wendy Parmet tells (more)

  • Debating the Impact of "Stand Your Ground" Laws

    Following her testimony before Congress, law professor Deborah Ramirez says local police need to participate more in the training of private and volunteer security patrol officers, especially regarding issues of racial profiling, de-escalating potentially violent situations and the use of force. (more)

  • Examining the Affordable Care Act

    At a panel discussion in Dockser Hall on Tuesday, a trio of Northeastern professors addressed the constitutional challenges and political implications of the Supreme Court hearing arguments this week on the Affordable Care Act. (more)

  • A Human-Rights Lens on the Affordable Care Act

    "By extending health care coverage to new, under-served groups, the ACA squarely responds to concerns repeatedly raised by international human rights bodies and experts about racial disparities in U.S. health care policy," according to Professor Martha Davis and Risa Kaufman of Columbia Law School in The Huffington Post. (more)

  • Health Law Hearings Offer Live Case Study

    In the Boston Globe: "For Martha F. Davis, a law professor at Northeastern University, the Supreme Court debate on the Affordable Care Act could not have come at a better time: the week before her constitutional law class’s annual mock trial." (more)

  • Commencement 2012!

    Jacqueline Berrien, chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, will deliver the commencement address. (more)

  • Putting Torture on Trial

    Professor Michael Meltsner has written a play about the Guantanamo Bay detention camp to express his outrage over the torture of suspected terrorists. (more)

  • Davis Blogging on Supreme Court's Health Care Marathon

    "Oral argument only makes a difference in the outcome of 5% of the cases before the court," says Professor Martha Davis in her second day of blogging for The Guardian. Check it out! (more)

  • Davis Blogging on Supreme Court's Health Care Marathon

    Professor Martha Davis is blogging for The Guardian on the health care hearings. Check it out! (more)

  • The Unintended Consequences of Nick Kristof's Anti-Sex Trafficking Crusade

    In The Guardian, Professor Aziza Ahmed says campaigners need to see how their well-meaning efforts may actually make the very sex workers they seek to rescue less safe. (more)

  • Examining "Torture Years" In A Theatre, Not A Courtroom

    WBUR’s "All Things Considered" host Sacha Pfeiffer speaks with Professor Mike Meltsner about why he turned to the theater instead of the courtroom for his critique of Guantanamo Bay. (more)

  • How Young is Too Young for Life in Prison?

    Professor Mary O'Connell comments on the U.S. Supreme Court hearing oral arguments related to two separate murder cases in which 14-year-olds were sentenced to life without parole. (more)

  • Escape from Iran: One Man's Journey From Riches to the Torture Chamber to Freedom

    In The Atlantic, Sohrab Ahmari '12 tells the story of how an Iranian businessman helped his country develop the world's largest natural gas field, got involved with the president's depraved son, and ended up fighting for his life. (more)

  • Student's Arab Anthology Gives "Raw Access to Authentic Voices"

    Sohrab Ahmari '12, a native of Iran, has co-edited an anthology of essays, “Arab Spring Dreams,” penned by young Middle Eastern dissidents. The book, which includes a forward by activist and author Gloria Steinem, will be published by Palgrave Macmillan on May 8. (more)

  • Hunger Strikes Have Limits

    Professor Martha Davis tells the Connecticut Law Tribune, “The growing authority internationally is force-feeding violates human rights.” (more)

  • Northeastern Law Team Advances to National ABA Competition

    A Northeastern University School of Law student team took first place in the regional American Bar Association (ABA) Law Student Division Client Counseling Competition held February 11 in Boston. The students, Moriah Silver ’14 and John Naranja ’14, will advance to the national finals in Durham, North Carolina, on March 16-17. (more)

  • Meltsner’s New Play Confronts the Guantanamo “Torture Years”

    “In Our Name: A Play of the Torture Years,” Professor Michael Meltsner’s searing depiction of how and why the nation found itself brutally treating the men it detained — some with good reason, some with stunning caprice — after 9/11, will be read at the Boston Playwright’s Theatre and performed in New York City. (more)

  • Documentary Speaks for Silenced Refugees

    Jawaid Stationwala '12, who used a Fulbright Scholarship to make a documentary about a poor but vibrant culture in Bangladesh, talks about his film, “Ma Ki Zaban” — or “Mother Tongue” — which will be screened at the law school on February 13 at noon. (more)

  • Meltsner’s Novel Back by Popular Demand!

    Professor Mike Meltsner's 1979 novel, "Short Takes," about an ambivalent New York lawyer contemplating his life and loves, has just been brought out in a new edition. The Boston Globe called it an "engaging and extremely well written first novel, [that] creates a character of enormous vitality and considerable charm: funny, caring, searching and all-too-humanly paradoxical." (more)

  • Probate Courts Use Different Standards

    Probate judges often take a cautious approach to custody cases that involve sexual abuse allegations, Professor Mary O'Connell tells the Cape Cod Times. (more)

  • Read Now!

    Check out the winter 2012 edition of Northeastern Law Magazine. Across the nation, hundreds of thousands of elders are being abused, many in their own homes. MacArthur "Genius" Marie-Therese Connolly '84 is answering their cries. (more)

  • The BP Wayback Machine

    Baseball Prospectus "reprints" an interview with sports law expert Roger Abrams on baseball salary arbitration. (more)

  • Illuminating the African-American Experience

    Professor Margaret Burnham discusses author Isabel Wilkerson's "Voices from the Black Migration," an event honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (more)