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  • Protege Honors Judge at Portrait Unveiling

    Hilani Morales '10 pays tribute US District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf, a long-time co-op employer, at the unveiling of his portrait in the federal courthouse. A former ward of the state, Morales met Wolf as a high school student and he became her "number one cheerleader." (more)

  • NUSL is Most Diverse in New England

    Northeastern University School of Law is the “most diverse law school” in New England, according to U.S. News & World Report. (more)

  • Bodies for Sale

    Professor Kara Swanson talks about the research for her forthcoming book, “Banking on the Body,” which looks at how human anatomy — everything from blood to milk to kidneys — has been made into properties that can be bought and sold on the market. (more)

  • Spieler Testifies Before Congress

    On November 17, Dean Emily Spieler testified before the the Workforce Protections Subcommittee of the House Education and Labor Committee about state workers’ compensations systems. (more)

  • Muslim-Police Community Partnerships Will Thwart Homegrown Terrorism

    Professor Deborah Ramirez and Tara Lai Quinlan '04 write in the Huffington Post that the US will only be made safer from radicalization and domestic terrorism when, as part of a multi-pronged counterterrorism strategy, law enforcement and Muslim American communities work together to create real trust and build authentic, sustained partnerships. (more)

  • Check out Northeastern Law Magazine!

    A Brutal Execution. A Landmark Case. Justice at Last. Read "Resurrection" in our current issue and find out how Professor Margaret Burnham and a small cadre of students delivered justice to the families of two young men killed in 1964. (more)

  • NUSL Hailed as a Top Law School for Externships

    The National Jurist reports on the expansion of externships as "students seek the experience that employers desire." (more)

  • Lawless Courts

    Professor Rachel Rosenbloom, an expert on immigration, is quoted in The Nation about unjust immigration hearings and deportations. (more)

  • NUSL in Top List of Green Law Schools

    Northeastern is among the nation's "greenest law schools," according to an honor list compiled by preLaw magazine. (more)

  • Bring Back the Wrongly Deported

    In a National Law Journal opinion piece, immigration expert Rachel Rosenbloom calls for the Department of Justice to reopen cases of those wrongly deported. (more)

  • CNN Interview with Professor Rachel Rosenbloom

    CNN anchor Don Lemon interviews immigration expert Rachel Rosenbloom about Arizona's new immigration law and erroneous deportations. Watch the video now! (more)

  • Amicus Brief Filed in Flores-Villar

    A team of faculty and students, led by Associate Dean Martha Davis, has filed an amicus brief in an equal protection case before the United States Supreme Court. The case is a challenge to sex-based citizenship laws. (more)

  • Good Health Relies on Medical-Legal Partnership

    Joshua Greenberg '93 and Ellen Lawton '93 are part of a critical medical-legal partnership, according to a Boston Globe article. (more)

  • National Lawyers Guild Will Honor NUSL Students

    The National Lawyers Guild-Massachusetts Chapter will honor NUSL student activists Charlie Noss and Josh Raisler-Cohn at the NLG annual dinner on April 27, 2010. (more)

  • Spieler Says Make Legal Education More Practical

    In a National Law Journal article, Dean Emily Spieler calls for a strong partnership between law schools and the practicing bar to deal with the extraordinary challenges facing law school students. (more)

  • State Should Yell ‘Cut’ to Film Tax Credit, says Professor Peter Enrich in the Boston Globe

    Massachusetts expects to spend some $150 million in film credits this year, which will bring little long-term benefit to the state. That money could be much better spent on education and training, roads and bridges, and similar services that really can strengthen the state’s economy, says Enrich in a co-authored op-ed. (more)


    Due to the inclement weather and the expected snow accumulation, classes from 12 PM and onward on February 10 are cancelled. (more)

  • Skadden Awarded to Charlie Noss '10

    Noss will use prestigious Skadden Fellowship to combat wage theft in Los Angeles. (more)

  • Professor Wendy Parmet Quoted in Newsweek

    Health Reform Revisionism: Could the proposed health-care bill have prevented some of America's biggest public health crises? Leading public health expert Wendy Parmet weighs in. (more)

  • PHRGE Lands Ford Foundation Grant

    The Ford Foundation has recognized the School of Law's Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy for its commitment to promote human rights and sustainable economic development. The $300,000 grant will be used to bolster PHRGE's research and activities. (more)

  • Puffing in Public Housing Poses Serious Health Risks to Tenants

    The executive director of the law school's Public Health Advocacy Institute is coauthor of a report in the New England Journal of Medicine that is pushing for a ban on smoking in public housing. (more)

  • Meltsner Honored with Bedau Award

    Massachusetts Citizens Against the Death Penalty will present the Hugo Adam Bedau Award for outstanding contributions to death penalty scholarship to Matthews Distinguished University Professor of Law Michael Meltsner during a celebration on December 4, 2010. (more)

  • Congratulations Chief Justice Ireland!

    The School of Law warmly congratulates the Honorable Roderick Ireland, new chief justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, and a former adjunct Northeastern law faculty member, and his wife, Alice Alexander, class of 1979. (more)

  • ABA Lawyer Spotlights Hope Lewis

    In honor of International Day for Persons with Disabilities, the ABA is profiling Professor Hope Lewis, legally blind since 1995, in its "Lawyer Spotlight." “Even before I had a disability, I saw disability rights as a universal human rights issue,” Lews tells the ABA. (more)

  • Cowan Named Governor Patrick's Chief of Staff

    William "Mo" Cowan '94 has been named chief of staff for Governor Deval Patrick. He previously served as the governor's chief legal counsel. (more)

  • Margaret Burnham on WBUR's Radio Boston

    Professor Margaret Burnham, interviewed on Radio Boston, talks about the landmark work of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project, including students who are examining cases of injustice and searching for ways to correct historical records and bring justice to victims. (more)

  • Interesting Issues All in the Game

    Professor Roger Abrams, an expert in sports law, chronicles some of the most influential cases, controversies and characters of the last century in which law and the right to participate in sports have converged in his new book, Sports Justice: The Law and the Business of Sports. (more)

  • Resurrect the Cold Cases

    In an opinion piece in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Professor Margaret Burnham writes about the FBI's decision to review documents associated with the 1965 killing of Hosie Miller, whose daughter, Shirley Sherrod, talked so movingly about his death in the now infamous video that led to Sherrod’s resignation from the Department of Agriculture. The resurrection of the cold case from Georgia’s Baker County raises fresh questions about what should be done about civil rights-era cases that were mishandled. (more)

  • Diana Auger '39 Remembered as Role Model for Women

    A Boston Globe obituary pays tribute to a trailblazer for women in the legal profession. (more)

  • Landmark Lawsuit Settles-Listen to the NPR Report

    A landmark lawsuit against Franklin County, Mississippi, filed by Professor Margaret Burnham and the law school's Civil Rights and Restorative Justice project on behalf of the families of two black teens killed by Klansmen in 1964, has settled. (more)

  • Rallying for Rights in Iran

    In a Boston Globe opinion piece, student Sohrab Ahmari calls for free elections and human rights in Iran. (more)

  • Fabbri Named Prosecutor of the Year

    Middlesex Assistant DA Michael Fabbri '83 has been named a Prosecutor of the Year by the Massachusetts District Attorneys Association. In 2008, Fabbri's work led to the conviction of Neil Entwistle, found guilty of two counts of first degree murder for the shooting deaths of his wife, Rachel, and their baby daughter, Lillian. (more)

  • Congratulations to the Class of 2010!

    It's not too late. Watch commencement now! (more)

  • Commencement 2010: Congratulations Class of 2010!

    Legal advisor to the US Department of State Harold Hongju Koh urged NUSL graduates to serve the public good in their future careers — using both their global experiences at Northeastern and the vast emerging technologies their generation has available at its fingertips. (more)

  • Commencement 2010: Watch LIVE at 1 p.m.!


  • Burnham Addresses Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference

    Professor Margaret Burnham, director of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ), will present two workshops at the fifth annual Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference on March 25-26, 2010, at Jackson State University. (more)

  • John Murphy '87 to Head Guantanamo Prosecution Team

    Navy Capt. John Murphy '87, an assistant US attorney, will oversee the prosecution of Guantanamo Bay detainees. He previously worked as a military lawyer at the detention facility in Cuba, where he prosecuted Osama bin Laden's driver. (more)

  • Commencement 2010

    Harold Hongju Koh, legal adviser to the US Department of State, will address nearly 200 graduating law students during the May 28th commencement exercises. Koh has served as both a professor and dean of the Yale Law School and is a leading expert on public and private international law, national security law and human rights. (more)

  • Dallas Morning News Reports on CRRJ Effort in Cold Case

    Professor Margaret Burnham, head of the Civil Rights and Restorative Justice project, and research assistant Kaylie Simon '11 are delving into the 1955 killing of an East Texas black teen. (more)

  • Joyce Kauffman '92 Named Massachusetts Lawyer of the Year

    Family law expert Joyce Kauffman '92 selected as a Lawyer of the Year by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly. Kauffman specializes in helping nontraditional families, with a concentration in gay and lesbian issues. (more)

  • Google’s free legal research database a welcome addition, says librarian Kyle Courtney in Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

    Legal researchers and the public now have access to 80 years of US federal caselaw and 50 years of US state caselaw ... with limitations, according to NUSL expert. (more)

  • Discover Northeastern!

    Don't miss this multimedia presentation on what makes Northeastern great! (more)

  • Early Baseball Christmas Shopping

    In his Huffington Post blog, Professor Roger Abrams ponders baseball acquisitions in this season of joy ... who's naughty, who's nice and who's worth $154 million (over 7 years/holiday seasons, of course). (more)