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  • Protege Honors Judge at Portrait Unveiling

    Hilani Morales '10 pays tribute US District Court Chief Judge Mark Wolf, a long-time co-op employer, at the unveiling of his portrait in the federal courthouse. A former ward of the state, Morales met Wolf as a high school student and he became her "number one cheerleader." (more)

  • NUSL is Most Diverse in New England

    Northeastern University School of Law is the “most diverse law school” in New England, according to U.S. News & World Report. (more)

  • Bodies for Sale

    Professor Kara Swanson talks about the research for her forthcoming book, “Banking on the Body,” which looks at how human anatomy — everything from blood to milk to kidneys — has been made into properties that can be bought and sold on the market. (more)

  • Spieler Testifies Before Congress

    On November 17, Dean Emily Spieler testified before the the Workforce Protections Subcommittee of the House Education and Labor Committee about state workers’ compensations systems. (more)

  • Lawless Courts

    Professor Rachel Rosenbloom, an expert on immigration, is quoted in The Nation about unjust immigration hearings and deportations. (more)

  • Bring Back the Wrongly Deported

    In a National Law Journal opinion piece, immigration expert Rachel Rosenbloom calls for the Department of Justice to reopen cases of those wrongly deported. (more)

  • CNN Interview with Professor Rachel Rosenbloom

    CNN anchor Don Lemon interviews immigration expert Rachel Rosenbloom about Arizona's new immigration law and erroneous deportations. Watch the video now! (more)

  • Spieler Says Make Legal Education More Practical

    In a National Law Journal article, Dean Emily Spieler calls for a strong partnership between law schools and the practicing bar to deal with the extraordinary challenges facing law school students. (more)


    Due to the inclement weather and the expected snow accumulation, classes from 12 PM and onward on February 10 are cancelled. (more)

  • Skadden Awarded to Charlie Noss '10

    Noss will use prestigious Skadden Fellowship to combat wage theft in Los Angeles. (more)