In order to ensure that grant submissions are given full attention and are submitted on time, in the proper format and in accordance with sponsor and regulatory requirements, Northeastern Law has set up an internal research administration team composed of Professor Margaret Woo, Associate Dean for Research; John Reilly, Associate Dean of Administration and Finance; Jennifer Akula, Associate Director of College Research Administration, Northeastern University; Bethany Basile, Officer for Corporate and Foundation Advancement, Northeastern University; and Lauren Bourke, Administration and Finance Manager, Northeastern University School of Law. 

Within the team, Bethany Basile will assist with exploring and developing any non-government grant possibilities, while Jennifer Akula will assist with government grant submissions. Jennifer Akula will also be responsible for the filing of all grant proposal submissions through NU-Res. Once funded, Jennifer Akula will facilitate the management of the awards themselves in collaboration with the PI, Lauren Bourke, and NU-Res. John Reilly and Margaret Woo will be on hand to flag any budget implications or conflicts of interest, and to facilitate an orderly approach to grant submission.

In order for the research administration team (and NU-RES) to have adequate time to review your grants prior to submission, and to assist with preparing your submission, please follow the below timeframes:

Grant Submission Process: 

  • Meet with Bethany Basile and/or Jennifer Akula as soon as you have an idea for a funded research project.  They will assist in exploring and identifying funding possibilities.  
  • 1 month prior to deadline: Once you have identified the target funder, let the entire Northeastern Law research team know of the planned submission. During this period, communicate regularly with the research team to develop all necessary documents and let them know if there is a sub-award component on the grant. 
  • 7 business days prior to deadline: Submit finalized proposal and budget to the Northeastern Law research team. If there is a sub-award, the sub-award budget should also be finalized and submitted at this time to ensure timely finalization of the NU budget. The e application and proposed budget will be reviewed and any possible issues will be flagged. 
  • 5 business days prior to deadline: Submit the final grant application to NURES for university approval and submission.

Your Northeastern Law research team members are:
Margaret Woo:
John Reilly:
Jennifer Akula:
Bethany Basile:
Lauren Bourke:

If you are behind schedule with any of your documents, please let the Northeastern Law research team know immediately, so that they can promptly assist you.