Susan Maze-Rothstein teaches Dynamic Lawyering for Systemic Change, an innovative project incubator that seeks to prepare students for future leadership by fusing theory into practice and practice into teaching.

Previously, she was an administrative law judge at the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), where she served for a decade. As a member of a panel of three on the reviewing board, she adjudicated appeals taken from hearing decisions at the trial level within the department. While adjudicating on the reviewing board, she interpreted many of the controversial provisions of the 1991 legislative overhaul of G.L.C. 152, the workers' compensation act. And, where tested, her decisions were upheld by the courts. Before being appointed to the reviewing board, she sat as an administrative judge at the DIA for an additional two years, where she conducted hearings governed by the rules of evidence and wrote decisions, managing 700 new cases annually.

She began her career as a clerk at the Massachusetts Appeals Court, and then worked in civil litigation, first at Burns & Levinson, and later at Warner & Stackpole. She has lectured and authored materials for numerous educational and innovations in legal education programs.

Professor Maze-Rothstein is also faculty advisor to the Black Law Students Association.

Fields of Expertise

  • Benefits Law
  • Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline - School Discipline
  • Legal Education
  • Restorative Justice
  • Workers' Compensation