September 26, 2006
Sanford V. Levinson, University of Texas
Where the Constitution Goes Wrong
Comment: Peter Enrich

October 31, 2006
Eric Blumenson, Suffolk University
Killing in Good Conscience
Comment: Daniel Givelber

November 14, 2006
Paul Butler, George Washington University
The Future of Justice
Comment: James Hackney

December 12, 2006
Jennifer Levi, Western New England
Sex Discriminatory Dress Codes
Comment: Libby Adler

January 19, 2007
Ruth Gordon, Villanova University
The Poorest Nations in the International System: Subsisting on the Periphery
Comment: Karl Klare

January 30, 2007
Daniel Williams, Northeastern University
After the Gold Rush Part I: Hamdi, 9/11 and the Dark Side of Enlightenment

February 20, 2007
Tseming Yang, Vermont Law School
China's Environmental Regulatory System and the Songhua River Spill
Comment: Lee Breckenridge

March 8, 2007
Deidre Smith, University of Maine
Expert Medical Testimony in ADA Cases
Comment: Wendy Parmet

March 27, 2007
David Phillips, Northeastern University
A Micro History: The Multiple Identities of Georg Cohn and the Multiple Meanings of Article 49(6) of the Fourth Geneva Convention
Comment: James Rowan

April 17, 2007
C. Edwin Baker, University of Pennsylvania
Media Concentration: Why Ownership Matters
Comment: Michael Meltsner

May 15, 2007
Dan Danielsen, Northeastern University
Transnational Regulation of Foreign Investment and the Legal Reconstruction of the Development State
Comment: Rashmi Dyal-Chand