As the nation’s leader in experiential education, our co-op program keeps us closely connected to today’s workplace, giving our community a unique perspective on emerging trends in the legal profession. Our graduates, many of whom go on to become co-op employers themselves, continually share feedback on their experiences as students, professionals and mentors to Northeastern law students. But how do we know that our legal education model accelerates the development of law graduates who are ready to practice and to serve clients? To answer, Northeastern is undertaking an Outcomes Assessment Project (OAP) — combining rigorous social science research with principles of change management.

The OAP will provide critical insights on how to better integrate experiential education into the law school curriculum. Equally important, it will give the legal academy and profession a more realistic, evidence-based analysis of what works and what doesn’t, resulting in models for how to best allocate resources in the years ahead and fostering a nationwide conversation about the importance of — and best practices in — experiential learning.  

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The success of the OAP depends upon a broad-based community of Northeastern stakeholders who share a commitment to improve both legal education and the profession as a whole. These stakeholders include graduates, faculty, bar leaders, current and future students, and legal employers, including those who provide cooperative placements for upper-level students. If you would like to learn more about the OAP, or if you are a stakeholder interested in participating in the project — for example, attending a focus group, being interviewed for the project or hosting an event to review interim findings — please contact Stephen Evans, the OAP administrator, at or (617) 373-3307.