Money Becomes More Important Reason Why People Choose the Law
Bill Henderson's case study of Northeastern law grads generates international interest in The Global Legal Post

Improving Society Makes Lawyers Happy — Not Money
Bloomberg BNA reports that Northeastern law grads care more about improving society than making money: "Among all Northeastern graduates, the reasons for attending law school remained relatively the same over the four decades of graduates: helping individuals, improving society, and ultimately developing a satisfying career."

Are Law Students Driven by Money? It's Not Most Important, Survey Finds
"Northeastern University School of Law grads cited three top reasons they decided to go to law school: having a satisfying career, helping individuals and improving society," reports the ABA Journal. 

How Has Law School Changed Over The Decades? Alumni Speak.
“ … kudos to Northeastern for its willingness to have its alumni surveyed by an objective third party. It’s nice to see a law school so confident in its product that it’s willing to make past purchasers available for study,” writes David Lat, founder and managing editor of Above the Law.

Alumni/ae Survey Findings

In the fall of 2014, Northeastern University School of Law launched a survey of its entire alumni/ae population. The survey was part of the law school’s Outcomes Assessment Project (OAP), which is designed to measure the impact of Northeastern’s unique curricular features, such as its Cooperative Legal Education Program (co-op), narrative grading, and emphasis on social justice. View a preliminary report of the law school’s findings here.

William Henderson, OAP Principal Researcher, blogs for The Legal Whiteboard

Video: At the second national symposium of the Alliance for Experiential Learning in Law, William Henderson discusses the theory behind the Northeastern model of legal education.
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OAP research determines Northeastern law appears to be distinctive in at least one post-graduate outcome: practice setting.
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OAP research determines Northeastern law graduates defy stereotpe.
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Research Bulletins

  • Bulletin No. 3: Does Cooperative Placement Accelerate Law Student Professional Development
  • Bulletin No. 2: Here, There and Everywhere: Northeastern Law Graduates by Employer and Location 
  • Bulletin No. 1: Where do Northeastern Law Graduates Work?