Starting early in the first year, each LSSC “law office” participates in a closely supervised clinical experience, representing and assisting a nonprofit community-based or advocacy organization in solving a societal problem involving issues of diversity, the law and social justice. We encourage all nonprofit community-based or advocacy organizations, government agencies and state legislators to apply to work with LSSC on a social justice project. We accept applicants on a rolling basis beginning April 30 each year.

The participating organizations, from all over the country, compete for an opportunity to participate in the LSSC program and have their legal challenges addressed by the law office teams, which include, in addition to first-year students, an upper-level student facilitator, known as a “Lawyering Fellow,” who acts as project manager. Each project is also supervised by an experienced faculty advisor.

Each law office team is responsible for producing a publishable report detailing its findings using extensive legal and anecdotal field research. In April, each law office presents a highly creative, often multimedia-based, oral presentation to its client organization and the entire LSSC class.

For more information contact Professor Susan Maze-Rothstein, director of the LSSC Social Justice Program, at