The Legal Skills in Social Context (LSSC) Social Justice Program is part of the School of Law’s commitment to experiential learning and community partnerships. Students in the program use their analytical research and writing skills to address social justice challenges identified by a wide range of community organizations and agencies. The program can benefit your organization by pursuing aspects of your social justice agenda that you might otherwise forgo due to staffing or resource constraints.

During an academic year, the program provides your organization with an intensive pro bono think tank in one of two ways:

1. If your proposal is selected for immediate entry into the LSSC program, then it will be closely supervised by faculty members with specialized knowledge in the subject area. You benefit from the energy and acumen of upper-level law student lawyering fellows and 12 to 14 first-year law students. Above all, you will contribute to the legal education of future lawyers by participating in this effort and by introducing the students to the grit and spirit of social justice lawyering

2. If your proposal needs further development before it can be selected, we may offer you an 11- to 22-week incubator in our upper level Dynamic Lawyering for Systemic Change course (DLSC). DLSC transforms early-stage project proposals into concrete and strategic social justice project work plans. These plans are then potentially suitable for an additional year of in-depth collaboration through the LSSC program. 

A single application can get you to either of these cost-free partnering opportunities.

4 Easy Steps to an Application

    1. Read the program overview

    2. Review the Components of Successful Projects and Expectations of Community Partners

    3. Examine our list of past organizations and read some project abstracts by category

    4. Apply now