From the moment you step onto campus as a first-year student, you'll receive one-on-one guidance from an advisor in the Center for Co-op and Career Development. Together, you'll design a personal learning path in which you gain the relevant experience and comprehensive skills to forge a meaningful and fulfilling path through law school and beyond.


The co-op hiring process takes place approximately 10 weeks before the start of any given term. As part of the overall co-op process, employers are sent the resumes of students who have indicated an interest in working for them. Employers select those students they wish to interview, contact them through the Center for Co-op and Career Development, and then hire by mutual agreement.


Employers determine student compensation. Salaries range widely, from volunteer positions to approximately $3,000 per week for large private US law firms. In some instances, funding may be available for government and nonprofit employers through the federal Work-Study program. Each year, $850,000 in co-op stipends is distributed to students participating in public interest-related experiential learning opportunities.


At the conclusion of a co-op, employers are required to evaluate the performance of their co-op interns. These performance evaluations become part of each student's permanent academic record. Likewise, students are required to submit evaluations of their co-op experiences. These "Quality Questionnaires" focus on a variety of workplace issues and are included in the employer files, which students utilize when they make their co-op selections.