The current Work-Study rate is $14 per hour and students are limited to work a maximum of 40 hours per week. If a student works a full 40-hour week for 11 weeks, s/he will earn the maximum weekly salary of $560. If a student works 35 hours per week then s/he will earn $490/week. The employer’s contribution is about $200/week for a 40 hour week or about $172/week for a 35 hour week. However, an employer may be eligible for a reduced contribution if the organization qualifies under federal regulations as being engaged primarily in community service work” and is one that assigns the intern to engage in such “community service work” during the internship. To qualify for the “community service work” rate, the employer must consult with the university’s Student Employment Office at (617) 373-3200. If a student can obtain such a classification, s/he will be eligible to reduce his/her contribution from $2,157 per quarter to $1,233 (based on a 40-hour week for 11 weeks). This reduced contribution for the employer will not affect a student’s total pay.

No employer may hire students under the Work-Study program unless there is a signed contract between the employer and Northeastern University. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the employer has a valid contract on file with the Student Employment Office. If the employer does not have a contract with the Student Employment Office, the student should immediately initiate the process. The student should obtain a contract application form from the Student Employment Office to supply to their employer.

Once the Student Employment Office has received all necessary paperwork, the information will be reviewed and contracts will be mailed to the employer. The employer must sign and return both signed contracts as soon as possible since the Student Employment Office cannot put the student on the payroll until it has the signed contracts returned to the office. Upon receipt of the signed contracts, the associate director of Student Financial Services will then sign the contracts and one will be mailed to the agency by the Student Employment Office. Once the contract has been returned to the agency they are then eligible to hire a co-op Work-Study student. Since Northeastern University cannot pay a student retroactively, it is imperative that both copies of the contract be signed by the agency and returned to the Student Employment Office before the student commences his/her work for the quarter.

Please be advised that students must be “cleared” by the University Financial Aid Office as Work-Study eligible for each quarter that they are going out on co-op. However, being cleared does not guarantee that the student will receive a Work-Study award. 

If the student is not cleared and/or the employer cannot pay its required contribution, the student will not be eligible for co-op Work-Study funding.

Please direct any questions about becoming a Work Study Employer to the Student Employment Office at (617) 373-3200.