As a graduate of Northeastern University School of Law, you'll join the network of our 7,300-plus graduates who are working across the globe as partners in prominent law firms; local, state and federal judges; professors at distinguished law schools; US attorneys and state attorneys general; and directors of legal aid offices, public defender programs and advocacy organizations throughout the nation and world. Our graduates work for some of the highest-profile clients in the country while others represent society’s least visible members. In fact, co-op experiences do more than prepare you for the job market — they often lead directly to a job offer. 

For example, check out the paths of just a few of our graduates who obtained their first post-graduate positions as a result of co-op connections (and this doesn't take into account the lifetime network you'll build through the co-op program):

Career Guidance

All Northeastern law students receive extensive support in the job search process. Our attorney-advisors in the Center for Co-op and Career Development work closely with students through individual advising appointments; match students with mentors; provide a wide array of programs featuring attorney presenters; host guest attorney-advisors from a myriad of practice areas, settings and locations, and conduct employer outreach around the globe. The advisors coach students on the nuts and bolts of entering the legal profession as well as strategize with students about how to best use the invaluable co-op experiences to land their dream postgraduate jobs. Whether you plan a career in a Boston law firm or in an international human rights organization, our advisors provide ongoing support as you move through each stage of your job search.