There are thriving chapters located in Anchorage, Boston, Chicago, Greater Connecticut, Denver, Los Angeles, Western Massachusetts, Greater New Hampshire, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.

How to Get Involved

If you are interested in getting involved with a regional chapter, or want to reach out to a chapter chair, please contact Mielle Marquis, Director of External Relations, at  

Check out our calendar of planned regional events to find details on regional networking opportunities and receptions.

Find several of our chapters on Facebook and LinkedIn!

Anchorage, Alaska

Chapter Chairs:
Monica Elkinton '06
Jeff Lowenfels '75
Renea Saade '99

Boston, Massachusetts

Chapter Chairs:

Andrea Goldman '88
Garrett Lee '07 
Rob Moore '06

Committee Members:
Michael Birch '10
Diana Chiang '13
Valerie Jackson '13
Ryan Menard '11
Matthew Moschella '02
Joshua Nadreau '13
Joel Rosen '94
Michael Sams '94

To learn more about the Boston Chapter, like BRAC on Facebook and join the Boston Regional Alumni/ae Chapter group on LinkedIn!

Chicago, Illinois

Chapter Chairs:
Michael Behn '87
Kathy Morris '75
Janice Toran '74
Christine Wee ’01

Greater Connecticut

Chapter Chair:
Stuart Johnson '94 

Committee Members:
Allison Near '04
Trisha Morris '95
Jennifer Willcox '98

Denver, Colorado

Chapter Chairs:
Marcy Glenn '81
Laura J. Hazen '97
Erin Stearns '05

Los Angeles, California

Chapter Chairs:
Janis Levart Barquist '78
Donald Dixon '08

Western Massachusetts

Chapter Chairs:
David A. Sullivan '86
Valerie J. Botter '86

Greater New Hampshire

Chapter Chairs:
Talesha Caynon '09
Patricia Quigley '82

New York, New York

Chapter Chairs:
Coleen Chin '99
Maia Spilman '96
Jody Ratner '98

Committee Members:
Olivier Andre '09
Nisha Mistry '07
Lauren Roberts '08
Maxwell Rosenthal '09

To learn more about the New York Chapter, join the
NUSL Alumni - New York Chapter group on LinkedIn!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chapter Chair:
Constance M. "Connie" Simon '87

San Francisco, California

Chapter Chairs:
Matt Chang '98
Joseph Frankl '79
Holly Parks '00
Monica Katz-Lapides '09

Committee Members:
Heather Chang '06
Seth Eckstein '11
Catherine Mathews '11
Alexandra Pray '08
Leah Simon-Weisberg '02

Seattle, Washington

Chapter Chairs:
SaNni Lemonidis '07
Sally Wolf '80

Committee Members: 
Erika Uhl '00 

Washington, DC

Chapter Chairs:
Rebecca Cary '09
Golda Philip '08

Committee Members:
Jonathon Foglia '05
David Ganz '07
Olegario Perales ‘07
Joanna Perales '07