Alumni/ae and Student Professional Network

The Alumni/ae and Student Professional Network partners law students with graduates working in the legal profession (and non-legal professions). An attorney-mentor is someone to whom the student can turn to for “real world” professional advice and, while mentors are not expected to be potential employers, they are asked to provide professional advice and tips to help law students prepare for fulfilling careers. Mentor/student relationships can be as simple as sending emails back and forth or talking on the phone. If mentors have the time, in-person meetings are always welcome.

To register to be a mentor, go to the NUSL Symplicity site.

If you already have a NUSL Symplicity username and password, simply log in at the above link and go to the “Network” tab to complete your mentor profile.

If you do not have a NUSL Symplicity username and password, you will be able to register for an account at the above link. Once your registration is complete, you can log in and complete your mentor profile.

Graduates can sign up to be mentors at any time. Beginning in April 2015, students will be able to browse your mentor profiles and request a match.

You are an invaluable resource for our students, and we truly appreciate all that you do for them!


Since 1993, the Office of Alumni/ae Relations and Development, along with the Alumni/ae Association board and the Office of Career Services, has sponsored this valuable networking event for students. Connections is open to all three class years and even recent graduates—to assist them in learning more about potential career paths. Graduates are clustered at tables within their fields of specialization, providing an excellent informal opportunity for students to learn from small groups of alumni/ae about a broad range of career options. Typically, a larger Boston-area firm hosts the event. 

Also, typically, in February, we hold a Networking Panel, where we feature graduates and others who may be involved as hiring attorneys or in bar association-related networking events. The panel presents information to current students about networking skills and techniques. We plan this event the week before our annual Connections program.

Opportunities for Student Distinction Program

The School of Law is committed to enhancing and promoting the collaborative education model by providing students with opportunities to distinguish themselves through involvement in a wide array of competitions. The Opportunities for Student Distinction program (OSD) seeks alumni/ae mentors to be paired with students involved in external competitions, as a means for facilitating further alumni/ae involvement with NUSL and to provide students with an opportunity to be coached by professional practitioners. Most coaching opportunities pertain to the development of pieces to be entered into external writing competitions. In addition, there are opportunities for alumni/ae coaching and mentoring in various external moot court and mock trial competitions, although these ventures are far more time-intensive and require frequent in-person meetings and practices, as well as travel to the competition itself. 

Alumni/ae of Color Panel

The Office of Alumni/ae Relations and the Alumni/ae Association Board offer an Alumni/ae of Color Panel each year, typically in the spring. Graduates of color from around the country come to share their experiences with current students. This event is usually very well received.

Alumni/ae Speakers

The Office of Alumni/ae Relations, along with student leadership, invites a host of alumni/ae speakers each year to offer career advice and discuss experiences related to their professions to current students.

If you are interested in becoming involved in these programs, or wish to suggest new programs, please contact Mielle Marquis, Director of External Affairs, at or (617) 373-3819.