A rigorous curriculum, exceptional professors and unmatched experiential learning opportunities fuel Northeastern’s one-of-a-kind academic enterprise. As a FlexJD student, you’ll learn complicated legal concepts, solve real legal problems and develop research, analysis, writing and debate expertise.

You’ll first immerse yourself in the fundamentals of the American legal system, taking required courses such as Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law and Property Law. Through the Legal Skills in Social Context course, you’ll develop essential skills — from legal research to client representation.

Through upper-level electives such as Intellectual Property, International Law and Public Health Law, you’ll build expertise in the areas you’re most passionate about. Along the way, you’ll be mentored and taught by exceptional faculty who publish in leading law journals and are hands-on pro bono practitioners.


The FlexJD requires 83 credit hours of instruction for graduation over four years. The typical student course load is eight to nine credits per term. Your required first-year courses are spread out over four terms (rather than the two terms in the full-time JD program). In your first two terms, you’ll take part in the Legal Skills in Social Context program, along with one podium course each term. You will then take two podium courses in each of the next two terms. Up to two courses in the first four terms, representing a maximum of nine credits, are taught via distance education. The remaining courses are delivered in-person, with up to one-third of the instruction of those courses online.

For the remaining upper-level required credits, the curriculum maximizes flexibility for part-time FlexJD students. Additionally, you are able to take any currently offered courses available to full-time students. 


If you have any questions about the FlexJD, please schedule an appointment with an enrollment specialist.

Phone: (617) 203-7228

Email: FlexJD@northeastern.edu