Students contemplating a withdrawal should discuss its implications for their billing and financial aid with the Director of Financial Aid. 

Students who fail to register properly for an academic period in which they were anticipated to attend OR fail to properly register with the Center for Co-op and Career Development for their co-op rotation are automatically considered to have withdrawn from the institution. Financial aid for these periods will automatically be canceled.


Refunds are granted only on the basis of a formal withdrawal from the JD program; non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. Seat deposits are nonrefundable. The impact of withdrawing from the JD program on other types of billing and financial aid depends upon the timing of a student’s formal withdrawal. Tuition refunds are granted in accordance with the following schedule:

Tuition Refunds 2019-2020 and 2020-21 Academic Years – All JD Students

Official Withdrawal

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

Week 1 100%
Week 2 75%
Week 3 50%
Week 4 25%
After Week 4 0%

Tuition Refunds 2021-22 Academic Year* and later

1L Year

Official Withdrawal

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

Week 1 80%
Week 2 60%
Week 3 40%
Week 4 20%
After Week 4 0%

Upper-Level Years

Official Withdrawal

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

Weeks 1 - 3 100%
Week 4 60%
Week 5 40%
After Week 5 0%

*Note: Northeastern University School of Law Academic years begin with the Summer Term. 

Financial aid will be adjusted for any withdrawal based upon the withdrawal date and the type of financial aid.


These funds will be adjusted at the same percentage as the tuition refunded. 


These funds are subject to the federal government’s Return of Title IV Funds calculation. If a student has attended through the 60% point of the term, all federal funds, for the term, have been "earned" and therefore do not need to be adjusted. If the withdrawal occurs prior to the 60% point, a calculation must be completed to determine what percent of funds have been "earned."


Federal Work-Study is not subject to this calculation. However, a student cannot work past their withdrawal date.


These funds may have to be adjusted depending upon a student's total cost of attendance for the year.


Northeastern University School of Law is a full-time program. Reduced course loads require petition of, and approval by, the Office of the Dean.

Students who receive approval to enroll in a reduced course load and who are receiving financial aid would have their aid eligibility reviewed. Students must be enrolled at least half time to be eligible for any federal financial assistance. School-based funds (Merit and Need-Based Scholarships) will be adjusted proportionally to the enrollment/tuition assessed. Federal funds may be adjusted to ensure that a student does not exceed his/her student expense budget.

A student contemplating a reduced course load should discuss the impact on their financial aid with the Director of Financial Aid.