We invite you to apply for any semester at NUSL by completing our Admission Checklist.

Application Checklist

  • Completed online application via LSAC

  • Letter of good academic standing from an ABA-approved institution

    Please have the letter sent directly from your home school registrar to:
    Northeastern University School of Law
    Office of Admissions
    101 Knowles, 416 Huntington Avenue
    Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5000

Application Deadlines

Academic Term

Application Deadline


Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter*


Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter*


Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter*


Two weeks prior to the start of the quarter*

*Please see the academic calendar for the specific quarter start dates.


2017-2018 tuition is $1492 per credit.

Financial Aid

Visiting students must contact the financial aid office at the law school at which they are presently attending to request financial aid.

Academic Rules and Policies, Procedures and Programs

All academic rules, policies, procedures and programs that govern Northeastern University School of Law regulate participation as a visiting student. 


Students should check with their own law schools to determine the transferability of credits earned at Northeastern.

Withdrawal Policy

The School of Law provides all instruction on the basis of an academic quarter system; payment is required at the beginning of each quarter. Tuition refunds will be granted only on the basis of the date on which the official withdrawal application is filed. Non-attendance does not constitute official withdrawal. Refunds are granted in accordance with the following schedule:

Official Withdrawal for School Filed Within

Percentage of Tuition Refunded

First Week of Quarter


Second Week of Quarter


Third Week of Quarter


Fourth Week of Quarter


Fifth Week of Quarter