The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance gives working professionals, law students and MBA students the tools and certification they need to succeed as healthcare compliance professionals.

Designed jointly by the School of Law and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, this 15-credit, one-year program offers students the opportunity to learn about the laws and regulations that govern the healthcare system, as well as the business skills critical to ensuring compliance with them.

This program will help to prepare students with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as healthcare compliance professionals.

Healthcare legislation and regulations are constantly evolving, which has created a need for many to gain foundational business knowledge of the industry, coupled with a keen understanding of the legal complications within the field.

As a result, employers are calling for an increasing number of individuals with a strong business foundation within the healthcare space, with the added legal knowledge needed to gain insight into the nature of compliance challenges.

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance helps to provide graduates with the skills and experience to:

  • Summarize and apply health compliance management practices, including practices related to enforcement of compliance standards in the workplace.
  • Examine the structure of the American healthcare system, including insurance and payment systems, and the complicated regulations that govern healthcare delivery and financing.
  • Gain insight into the ethical and legal obligations related to patient records.
  • Learn how to write compliance policies and procedures relevant to today’s healthcare compliance problems.
  • Learn how to apply personal and business ethics in healthcare compliance.

Dedicated faculty and instructors help students understand how the law intersects with the heavily regulated health field. The School of Law and the D’Amore-McKim School of Business have put together a curriculum that brings varied business perspectives, legal expertise and accessibility to the program, preparing students for a practical application of the complexities of healthcare compliance.