We’re the Master of Laws program at Northeastern University School of Law. But please call us NUSL – with the emphasis on “new.”

We make it our business: new ideas, new methods, new initiatives, new rewards.

It’s what some call “innovation culture.” It’s what we call “co-op,” and it’s what keeps us moving. Forward.

At NUSL, we combine innovative learning with innovative doing.

Taking what you’ve newly learned and putting it to work: That’s what co-op is all about.

Co-op renews you. With new mentors, new skills, new perspectives, new confidence.

Just ask my LLM colleagues: Co-op really works!

It’s not news to us, but it may be news to you.

Check out what’s new at NUSL!

Signed Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
Director, LLM and International Programs
Phone: 617.373.8546
Email: p.cassidy@northeastern.edu