At Northeastern, we believe the best lawyers of tomorrow will be fluent not only in the language of the law, but also in the language of clients. These client languages include science, business, technology, empirical research, creative arts and pretty much every aspect of human endeavor for which lawyers are needed to smooth transactions and ensure the pre-eminence of fair play. Our law school is at the forefront of providing such training, not only through our Cooperative Legal Education Program, but also through our concentrations, which provide Northeastern law students with a competitive advantage in their specific fields of interest. Check out our eight concentrations:

Business and Commercial law

Criminal Law and Justice

Environmental and Energy Law

Health Law and Policy

Intellectual Property and Innovation

International Business Law

International Law and Human Rights

Labor, Work and Income

Law and Development

Poverty Law and Economic Justice

Privacy Law

Graduate Certificate for JD Students

The Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Compliance gives working professionals, law students and MBA students the tools and certification they need to succeed as healthcare compliance professionals

Note: While we are pleased to offer concentrations, students are not required to concentrate in any area. Concentrations may be listed on resumes and will be noted on transcripts. Questions about specific concentrations should be addressed to the concentration advisors.