Faculty Co-Director Martha Davis

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Roger Abrams

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Brook Baker

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Richard Daynard

PHRGE Affiliated Faculty Professor Serena Parekh

  • Beyond the Ethics of Admission: Stateless People, Refugee Camps and Moral Obligations.” Forthcoming at Philosophy and Social Criticism October 2013Hannah Arendt and Global Justice.” In Philosophy Compass, Volume 8, Issue 9, September 2013, p. 771-780.
  • Between Community and Humanity: Arendt, Judgment and Responsibility to the Global Poor.” Philosophical Topics, Volume 39, Number 2, Fall 2011, p. 145-163 (published September 2013).
  • Reconciling with Heidegger: Friendship, Disappointment, and Love in the Wake of the Controversy.” Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 39, Issue 9, October/November 2013, p. 881-888
  • "Taking Hold of Life: Liberal Eugenics, Autonomy, and Biopolitics." The Science, Politics, and Ontology of Life-Philosophy. Scott Campbell and Paul Bruno, editors. New York: Continuum Press International, 2013, p. 157-168.

PHRGE Affiliated Scholar Visiting Scholar Zarizana Aziz

  • “Culture, Power and Narratives in Domestic Violence” in Maznah Mohamad & Saskia E. Wieringa, eds., Family Ambiguity and Domestic Violence in Asia: Concept, Law and Process (Sussex University Press 2013)
  • “Renewing Faith: The Struggle for Gender Equality in Islam, Identity Culture and Politics, CODESRIA (forthcoming 2013)


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