PHRGE co-directors, fellows, students and staff work on a myriad of human rights issues in the USA and globally. Our current research projects and educational programs are listed below.  Affiliated faculty also promote human rights by advising governments and nongovernmental organizations on human rights, engaging in research on human rights issues and teaching a variety of human rights courses. The human rights work of affiliated faculty is listed on their individual webpages.

The Boston Principles on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Noncitizens: 

PHRGE is pleased to present the Boston Principles on the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights of Noncitizens. Professor Rachel Rosenbloom coordinates this project aimed at developing Guidelines and Recommendations to protect the human rights of immigrant communities and individuals. The Boston Principles are 30 standards drawn from international human rights, humanitarian, and migration-related treaties, guidelines and other statements of best practice as well as recommendations by US-based civil society. The Boston Principles were the outcome of  a two day Institute, "Beyond National Security: Immigrant Communities and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights," hosted by PHRGE and chaired by professors Lewis and Rosenbloom.   

Bringing Human Rights Norms into State Courts and Legislatures

Professor Martha Davis has produced an abundance of work highlighting the role of human rights within a domestic context . Through extensive publications, provision of amicus briefs participation in trainings for human rights advocates, and her participation in panel discussions before a variety of audiences, PHRGE is striving to move the concept of human rights from being solely an international construct, to being a tool for advocacy within domestic courts and US legislation.

Affiliated Projects

Due Diligence Project

The Due Diligence Project is a research-advocacy project. The principle aim of the project is to add content to the international legal principle of ‘due diligence’ in the context of state responsibility to end violence against women. The objective is to create compliance indicators that are concrete and measurable across regions.

The International Social and Economic Rights Project (ISERP)

The International Social and Economic Rights Project is a network of attorneys, advocates and academics, spanning the globe, with a focus on creating dialogue and creative thought about how social and economic rights (SER) can be used to better societies and the lives of people around the world, as well as how practitioners can further justify, secure and facilitate SER implementation.