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December 19, 2018: Brook Baker, STAT"Trump Administration Report Would Preclude Reclaiming Patents as a Way to Lower Drug Prices."
December 19, 2018: Brook Baker, Health GAP"The Trump Administration’s New Green Paper is Full of Giveaways to Big Pharma."
December 19, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Washington Post"How Republicans Pivoted from the War on Drugs to Cutting Prison Sentences."
December 8, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Atlantic"The Strongest Evidence Yet for a Highly Controversial Addiction Treatment."
December 7, 2018: Wendy Parmet, The V Word"Immigrant Women's Health (Public Charge)."
November 30, 2018: Leo Beletsky, WBUR"Mass. U.S. Attorney's Prescription Monitoring Raises Privacy Questions."
November 29, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Boston Globe"US Attorney Issues Warning to Physicians Over Opioid Prescriptions."
November 29, 2018: Margo Lindauer, Boston Globe"Panel is Charged with Reviewing State's 'Secret Courts.'"
November 29, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Daily Mail"Drug Overdose Deaths Soared 10% in 2017 Driven By Fentanyl Flooding the US From China."
November 28, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Daily Mail“Meth Hospitalizations Soar 245% in 10 Years: Surge in ER Visits Is Flying 'off the Radar' - but It's Hidden by the Opioid Epidemic.”
November 14, 2018: Brook Baker,infojustice,"MPP-AbbVie License on Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir (G/P): Backtracking on Geographic Coverage but with Options for Oppositions, Compulsory Licenses, and Negotiated Territorial Expansion."
October 31, 2018: Leo Beletsky, WXXI News"Social Stigma Is One Reason The Opioid Crisis Is Hard To Confront."
October 22, 2018: Leo Beletsky, San Diego Union Tribune"Intricacies in Law Surrounding Overdose Death Prosecutions Compiled in New Playbook for Defense Attorneys."
October 15, 2018: Brook Baker, Intellectual Property Watch“'The People’s Prescription': New Report Calls For Value Creation Instead Of Value Extraction In Pharmaceutical R&D."
October 8, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Philadelphia Tribune"Injection Site Faces Criticism, Resistance."
October 4, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, Leo Beletsky, Richard Daynard, Claudia Haupt, New York Times"The Senate Should Not Confirm Kavanaugh."
September 30, 2018: Margo Lindauer, Boston Globe"Inside Our Secret Courts."
September 26, 2018: Patricia Illingworth, News@Northeastern"If 'Truth Isn't Truth,' Then What Is It?"
September 17, 2018: Leo Beletsky, New York Times“The Federal Agency That Fuels the Opioid Crisis.”
August 31, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Huffpost"Safe Injection Sites Might Not Solve The Opioid Crisis, But They Won’t Make It Worse."
August 27, 2018: Richard Daynard, The Virgin Islands Consortium"USVI Juries Deliver $113 Million Verdicts Against R.J. Reynolds To Families Of Deceased Newport Smokers."
August 15, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Gizmodo"Skyrocketing Rates of Fentanyl Deaths Led to the Deadliest Year for Opioid Overdoses Ever."
August 13, 2018: Brook Baker, infojustice"A Sliver of Hope: Analyzing Voluntary Licenses to Accelerate Affordable Access to Medicines."
July 24, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Appeal“A Pennsylvania Man Survived an Overdose Only to Be Charged With Homicide.”
July 22, 2018: Jennifer Lea Huer and Wendy E. Parmet, Bill of Health - Harvard Law, “Introduction to “Diseases of Despair: The Role of Policy and Law.”
July 16, 2018: Leo Beletsky, CNN, “Drug users on probation can be required to remain drug-free, court rules.”
July 16, 2018: Leo Beletsky, WBUR News, “Judges Can Require Drug Users On Probation To Remain Drug-Free, Court Rules.”
July 13, 2018: Brook Baker, infojustice , “Wink, Wink:  Pfizer agrees to roll back price hikes.”
July 12, 2018: Wendy Parmet, The New York Times, “Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh’s Writings on the Affordable Care Act.”
July 10, 2018: Margo Lindauer, Burlington Free Press"Domestic violence: How an 'and' instead of an 'or' let man avoid court sanction.”
July 10, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, Herald Tribune,“MEDICAL Q&A: How medicine has changed since abortion became legal.”
July 6, 2018: Brook Baker, infojustice, “Misleading Ab”Use” of Percentages in Drug Price Escalation, infojustice.”
July 6, 2018: Leo Beletsky, NPR,“With More Opioid Use, People Are More Likely To Get Caught Up In The Justice System.”
July 1, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, The New York Times,“Bulwark Against an Abortion Ban? Medical Advances.”
June 23, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Marietta Times“Needle exchange: Program proposal an attempt to prevent the spread of disease.”
June 22, 2018: Leo Beletsky, WHTC,  “Opioid reclassification linked to increase in illegal online sales.”
June 13, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Scientific American,“Can Opioid Legislation Make a Dent in the National Epidemic?”
June 13, 2018: Leo Beletsky, EurekAlert,“US painkiller restriction linked to 'significant' increase in illicit online drug trading.”
June 6, 2018: Michael Pollastri, Northeastern News,“This Tropical Disease is Second Only to Malaria as a Parasitic Killer.  So Why Haven’t You Heard of it?”
May 11, 2018: Wendy Parmet, Washington Post“Under Trump Proposal, Lawful Immigrants Might Be Inclined To Shun Health Benefits.”
May 2, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Yale School of Medicine, “Involuntary Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in the Age of the Opioid Crisis: Ethical, Legal and Patient Care Considerations.”
July 24, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Appeal"A Pennsylvania Man Survived an Overdose Only to Be Charged with Homicide."
July 22, 2018: Wendy E. Parmet and Jennifer Lea Huer, Bill of Health"Introduction to Diseases of Despair: The Role of Policy and Law."
July 16, 2018: Leo Beletsky, CNN"Drug users can be required to remain drug-free, court rules." 
July 13, 2018: Brook Baker, infojustice"Wink, Wink: Pfizer agrees to roll back price hikes." 
July 12, 2018: Wendy E. Parmet, NYT"Democrats Overstate Kavanaugh's Writings on the Affordable Care Act." 
July 10, 2018: Margo Lindauer, Burlington Free Press"Domestic violence: How an 'and' instead of an 'or' let man avoid court sanction." 
July 10, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, Herald-Tribune"Medical Q&A: How medicine has changed since abortion became legal." 
July 6, 2018: Brook Baker, infojustice"Misleading 'use' of percentages in drug price escalation." 
July 6, 2018: Leo Beletsky, NPR"With More Opioid Use, People Are More Likely To Get Caught Up In The Justice System." 
July 1, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, The New York Times"Bulwark Against an Abortion Ban? Medical Advances." 
June 23, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Marietta Times"Needle exchange: Program proposal an attempt to prevent the spread of disease."
June 13, 2018: Leo Beletsky, STAT"Can Opioid Legislation Make a Dent in the National Epidemic?"
June 6, 2018: Michael Pollastri, News@Northeastern"This tropical disease is second only to malaria as a parasitic killer. So why haven't you heard of it?"
May 11, 2018: Wendy E. Parmet, The Washington Post"Under Trump Proposal, Lawful Immigrants Might Be Inclined To Shun Health Benefits." 
April 30, 2018: Leo Beletsky, COSSA 2018 Policy Conference and Social Science Advocacy Day,“Combatting the Opioid Epidemic Panel.”
April 27, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Week in Health Law,“Diseases of Despair (2) Healthcare Law and Policy” Podcast
April 24, 2018: Emily Spieler, CareForce Travelogues Screening Panel.
April 20, 2018: Wendy E. Parmet and Elisabeth RyanHealth Affairs blog"New Dangers For Immigrants And The Health Care System." 
April 18, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Kaiser Health News"Surgeon general wants naloxone widely on hand. Is this feasible?" 
April 17, 2018: Leo Beletsky, STAT"Nursing homes routinely refuse people on addiction treatment - which some experts say is illegal" 
March 23, 2018: Brook Baker, law360, "Bayh-Dole Could Be A Drug Pricing Fix, If The Feds Want It"
March 22, 2018: Patricia Illingworth, The Hastings Center Bioethics Forum Essay"Businesses, Guns, and Human Rights."
March 21, 2018: Leo Beletsky, News@Northeastern"How Opioid Lawsuit Money Could Help Solve the Epidemic." 
March 2, 2018: Leo Beletsky, News@Northeastern"Are Safe Injection Facilities for Heroin Users a Step in the Right Direction?" 
February 27, 2018: Gregory Curfman, Medpage Today"'Hmm, Maybe I Don't Want an LVAD.'"
February 23, 2018: Matthew Miller, NPR"Experts Say There's Little Connection Between Mental Health And Mass Shootings." 
February 21, 2018: Wendy E. Parmet, The Daily Free Press"Ed Markey Announces Push for Universal Flu Vaccine." 
February 15, 2018: Leo Beletsky, In Justice Today, “The Biggest Winners in Trump Budget: The DEA and the War on Drugs.”
February 14, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Delmarva Now, “Countering opioid abuse: Bill would give parents more control over child’s treatment.”
February 14, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The New York Times, “How a Police Chief, a Governor and a Sociologist Would Spend $100 Billion to Solve the Opioid Crisis.”
February 14, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Vice, “Rhode Island Found a Way to Cut Post-Prison Overdose Deaths in Half.”
February 12, 2018: Wendy Parmet, Vox.com, “President Trump has been dangerously silent on this year’s deadly flu epidemic.”
February 12, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Globe Post, “America, We Have an Opioid Problem.”
February 7, 2018: Leo Beletsky, HuffPost, “FDA Releases Kratom Death Data, Undermines Its Own Claims About Drug’s Deadly Harms.”
February 5, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Kaiser Health News, “California To Drug Users: We’ll Pay For You To Test Your Dope.”
February 4, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Columbus Dispatch, “Death penalty is unjust for opioid addict.”
February 2, 2018: Gary Young, News@Northeastern"Why We Should Take Amazon's Ambitions to Disrupt Healthcare Seriously." 
February 1, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Bangor Daily News, “Cannabis capitalists exploit loopholes by ‘gifting’ the drug.”
January 31, 2018: Leo Beletsky, CBS News, “The Backstory of Trump’s Foundering Opioid Fight.
January 31, 2018: Leo Beletsky, The Spokesman-Review, “Cannabis Capitalists Exploit Loopholes by ‘Gifting’ the Drug.
January 30, 2018: Richard Daynard, USA Today, “Subpoenas Flying in Tony Gwynn Tobacco Case as Mr. Padre Documentary Premieres.”
January 25, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Wendy Parmet & Elisabeth Ryan, Harvard Health Blog“Involuntary treatment for substance use disorder: A misguided response to the opioid crisis.”
January 24, 2018: Public Health Advocacy Institute, “PHAI Submits Comment Opposing Proposed School Food Nutrition Rollbacks.”
January 24, 2018: Aziza Ahmed, presenter, Workshop on Regulating Family, Sex & Gender, “Dead but Not Disabled: The Feminist Legal Struggle for Recognition in the AIDS Response.”
January 22, 2018: Leo Beletsky, In Justice Today, “Death by Prosecution: Was There a Bigger Player in Drug Case Involving Man Who Killed Himself After Federal Indictment?
January 20, 2018: Wendy Parmet, Vox.com, “Here’s How the Government Shutdown Ends."
January 18, 2018: Wendy Parmet, Health Affairs Blog, “Immigration and Health Care Under the Trump Administration.”
January 17, 2018: Patricia Illingworth, MetroMBA, “Northeastern Professors Talk Dangers of Aetna-CVS Mega Merger
January 16, 2018: Leo Beletsky, News@Northeastern, “Rescinding Federal Marijuana Enforcement Guidelines Could Spark ‘Chaos’
January 15, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Slate, “The Opioid Crisis Is Blurring the Legal Lines Between Victim and Perpetrator
January 12, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Vox.com, “Why a Better Economy Won’t Stop the Opioid Epidemic,”
January 10, 2018: Richard G. Wamai and Michael Pollastri, News@Northeastern"Why You Should Care About Rare Tropical Diseases," 
January 9, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Vice News, “Forced Rehab Isn’t the Solution,
January 8, 2018: Leo Beletsky, Governing.com“Drug Overdose Deaths Soar Nationally But Plateau in Some States,”
January 8, 2018: Gary Young, HealthExec"Tax-exempt hospitals haven't greatly increased community benefit spending," 
January 4, 2018: Leo Beletsky, presenter, The Association of American Law Schools Annual Meeting, “Using the Law and Its Enforcement to Address the Overdose Crisis: Emerging Trends and Implications,”
January 2018: Gregory Curfman and Leo Beletsky, JAMA Internal Medicine“Benefits, Limitations, and Value of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids,”