Promises and Perils of Emerging Health Innovations

Thursday, April 11 and Friday, April 12, 2019
Northeastern University 

Health care is rapidly changing. Over the last decade, striking innovations, including artificial intelligence, robotics, mobile technology, gene therapies, pharmaceuticals, big data analytics, tele- and virtual health care delivery, have been developed as new entities and modes of delivery, from accountable care organizations (ACOs) to retail minute-clinics, have entered the market. More dramatic innovations and market disruptions are likely in the years to come. These new technologies and market disruptions offer immense promise to advance health care quality and efficiency, as well as improve provider and patient engagement. Success will depend, however, on careful consideration of potential perils and well-planned interventions to ensure new methods ultimately further, rather than diminish, the health of patients, especially those who are the most vulnerable.

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Throughout the two-day conference, interdisciplinary experts, policymakers, academics, and providers will attempt to answer myriad questions, including:

What are the legal, policy, and ethical considerations regarding new health technologies? New forms of organization?
What safety and privacy issues will arise from new health technologies? How will this change over time?
What protections can we put into place to protect privacy as the market changes and technologies evolve?
Who is ultimately accountable for the development, use, and oversight of emerging health technologies and innovations?
What legal mechanisms exist for promoting access to and serving underserved populations?
Should new innovations focus on clinical health care, population health, public health, or some combination?
Whom do these new technologies and entities ultimately serve (providers, patients, private companies) and how does that lens impact how we incorporate them into the health care system?

The conference is free and open to the public

Call for Papers

The Center for Health Policy and Law, in collaboration with the Northeastern University Law Review, sought abstracts for papers to be presented at its 2019 health law conference, Promises and Perils of Emerging Health Innovations 

Abstracts (250 words max) were accepted until November 12, 2018. Please send to: with “2019 Call for Papers” in the subject line. Decisions were sent in December 2018.

Our Call for Papers announcement has additional details. 

John HalamkaKeynote Speaker
John D. Halamka, M.D.
Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess System

John D. Halamka, M.D., is the chief information officer (CIO) at Beth Israel Deaconess System, chairman of the New England Healthcare Exchange Network (NEHEN), and a practicing emergency physician. He is also the International Healthcare Innovation professor at Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Halamka completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, where he received a degree in medical microbiology and a degree in public policy with a focus on technology issues. He entered medical school at the University of California, San Francisco and simultaneously pursued graduate work in bioengineering at the University of California, Berkeley focusing on technology issues in medicine. He completed his residency at Harbor–UCLA Medical Center in the Department of Emergency Medicine.

In his role at BIDMC, Dr. Halamka is responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative, and academic information technology, serving 3,000 doctors, 12,000 employees, and 1,000,000 patients. As chairman of NEHEN, Dr. Halamka oversees clinical and administrative data exchange among the payers, providers, and patients in Massachusetts. As a Harvard professor, he has served the George W. Bush administration, the Obama administration, and national governments throughout the world planning their healthcare IT strategy.

Dr. Halamka has authored five books on technology-related issues, hundreds of articles and thousands of posts on the popular Geekdoctor blog.

He runs Unity Farm in Sherborn, MA and serves as caretaker for 150 animals, 30 acres of agricultural production and a cidery/winery.

Afternoon Featured Speaker    

Rick BerkeRick Berke
Executive Editor, STAT

Rick Berke, executive editor, oversees STAT's editorial team. He was previously a longtime reporter and editor at the New York Times, where he served as White House correspondent, chief political correspondent, Washington editor, national editor, video content editor, and assistant managing editor. More recently, Rick was executive editor at Politico. Before he turned to chasing politicians, Rick's first major investigative series, for the Baltimore Evening Sun and Regardie's magazine, was a deep look at the science, history, one-time glamor, discoveries, and tax dodges behind the Howard Hughes Medical Institute ⎯ and its eccentric founder. 


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