Dr. Gregory CurfmanDr. Gregory Curfman, a cardiologist and medical researcher who served as an editor at the New England Journal of Medicine for nearly three decades, joined the law school’s Center for Health Policy and Law in 2017 as research and publications director and physician scholar. Curfman brings extensive medical, research and editorial experience to this role. In particular, he will continue his scholarly writing, work closely with the student law review and other publications to expand the impact of the university’s health policy and law research, and help organize various events and activities at the Center for Health Policy and Law. 

In addition to his role at the center, Curfman holds a faculty appointment with Harvard Medical School and is chief medical officer of Alosa Health, a national leader in developing and implementing academic detailing programs to improve prescribing. He is also health policy and law editor of JAMA Internal Medicine and former editor-in-chief of Harvard Health Publications. He is a member of both AcademyHealth and the advisory council of the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review. Curfman served as an editor at the New England Journal of Medicine for 28 years, including 14 years as executive editor. He has authored or co-authored nearly 100 articles in peer-reviewed or other scientific and medical publications; won numerous awards, including the Alvarez Award for Medical Journalism from the National Medical Writers Association; testified before Congress; and assisted in writing amicus briefs to the US Supreme Court on matters related to medication use. 

Email: g.curfman@northeastern.edu