The CRRJ Case Watch monitors developments in civil rights-era murder cases from 1930 to 1969. The Watch covers the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Included are cases from other states where there have been legal proceedings to bring perpetrators to justice long after the crimes were committed. Many of the cases on CRRJ Watch are now under investigation by law enforcement agencies.
In addition to CRRJ’s case list, other organizations maintain lists of Civil Rights-Era cold cases:

Attorney General’s List of 124 Civil Rights-Era Cold Cases – Released in September 2011, this is the full list of Civil Rights-Era Cold Cases under investigation by the FBI. The list contains the names of 122 victims whose deaths may have been racially-motivated.

The Forgotten – Compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, The Forgotten is a list of 74 men and women who died between 1952 and 1968 under circumstances that suggest they were victims of racially motivated violence.