At a Glance

Associate Academic Specialist and Director, Community Business Clinic

Long Island University, BA 1973
St. Johnʼs University School of Law, JD 1977Office: Suite 140, Dockser Hall
Mail: 65 Forsyth Street, Boston, MA 02115
Tel: (617) 373-3939
Fax: (617) 373-8236

Curriculum Vitae


Northeastern University School of Law

Peter B. Sessa

Professor Sessa is an expert practitioner who brings more than three decades of practical experience to his role as director of the School of Law’s Community Business Law Clinic. Early in his career, Professor Sessa left his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, to open a legal services office in Appalachian Ohio, where for two years he represented clients in a broad range of matters and also started a Battered Women’s Shelter. He then moved to Cape Cod Legal Services, where he specialized in family and housing law while representing a variety of community organizations.

During his 30 years of private practice in Boston at a firm he founded, Professor Sessa represented clients in business, contract law and litigation. Half of his practice was dedicated to community lawyering, representing many grassroots and community organizations, tenant groups, agencies and nonprofits. He also represented the city of Boston in developing affordable housing projects.

Throughout his career, Professor Sessa has led trainings throughout the country for community groups and the lawyers and organizers who work with them. He is a member of the board of directors of the Center For Health, Environment & Justice, which he has worked with since its founding 30 years ago by environmental activist Lois Gibbs, organizer of the Love Canal battle against the government in the 1970s.